1967 Census of Manufactures

The 1967 Census of Manufactures was issued in three volumes. Detailed holdings are described below.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Volume 1
    Summary and Subject Statistics.
    C 3.24/4:967 - U.S. Government Documents
    Contains chapters on: General Summary, Size of Establishments, Type of Organization, Manufacturers' Inventories, Expenditures for Plant and Equipment, Materials Consumed, Water Use in Manufacturing, Selected Metalworking Operations, Concentration Ratios, Manufacturing Activies in Government Establishments. Some chapters include tables by State and SMSA.
        Includes maps of SMSAs.
  • Volume 2
    Industry Statistics. 3 pts.
    C 3.24/4:967 - U.S. Government Documents
    • Pt. 1: Major Groups 20 to 24.
    • Pt. 2: Major Groups 25 to 33.
    • Pt. 3: Major Groups 34 to 39 and 19.
    Includes chapters for each of 420 industries.
        Most chapters include tables with data by State and SMSA.
  • Volume 3
    Area Statistics. 2 pts.
    C 3.24/4:967 - U.S. Government Documents
    • Pt. 1: Alabama-Montana
    • Pt. 2: Nebraska-Wyoming.
    Includes separate chapters for each state and the District of Columbia.
        Includes maps of incorporated places and SMSAs.