1992 Census of Manufactures

The 1992 Census of Manufactures was issued in three series and several additional reports. Detailed holdings are described below, with links to the web versions, if available.

This information is also available on the 1992 Economic Census web site, from the U.S. Census Bureau. The full text of all the reports is available (in PDF format), as well as the data tables in HTML,explanatory materials and links to related sites.

You can also access the data via American FactFinder.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Industry Series. 83 reports.
    HD 9724 .A2 1992g - Business
    Each of the 83 reports provides information for a group of related industries (dairy products" includes industries for butter, cheese, milk, etc.). Final figures for the U.S. are shown for each of the 459 manufacturing industries on quantity and value of products shipped and materials consumed, cost of fuels and electric energy, capital expenditures, assets, rents, inventories, employment, payroll, payroll supplements, hours worked, value added by manufacture, number of establishments, and number of companies. Comparative statistics for earlier years are provided where available.
        For each industry, data on value of shipments, value added by manufacture, capital expenditures, employment, and payroll are shown by employment-size class of establishment, State, and degree of primary product specialization.
  • Geographic Area Series. 51 reports.
    HD 9724 .C4 1996 - Business
    Pt.33: New York
    A separate report is published for each State and the District of Columbia. Each report presents data for industry groups and industries on value of shipments, cost of materials, value added by manufacture, employment, payroll, hours worked, new capital expenditures, and number of manufacturing establishments for the State, MA's, counties, and selected places. Comparative statistics for earlier census years are shown for the State and large MA's. Manufacturing totals are presented for each county and for places with significant manufacturing activity. Detailed statistics (including inventories, assets, rents, and energy costs) are presented only in statewide totals.
  • Subject Series. 3 reports.
    No holdings
  • Reference Series. 1 report.
    The Numerical List of Manufactured and Mineral Products.
    HD 9725 .N85 1993g - Business
    Includes a description of the principal products and services published in the 1992 Censuses of Manufactures and Mineral Industries.
  • Location of Manufacturing Plants. 1 report.
    No holdings
    This report includes data for number of establishments by four-digit SIC industry and by employment-size class for counties, incorporated places of 2,500 inhabitants or more, and Zip Codes for each State. This report is available only on CD-ROM.
  • Analytical Reports. 2 reports.
    • Exports from Manufacturing Establishments.
      This report presents data on exports by two- and three-digit SIC industry groups for the U.S. and States. Information is presented on value of direct report shipments and estimates of the employment required to manufacture these products. Included are estimates of employment in manufacturing and non-manufacturing establishments that supply parts, materials, and services for production of manufactured exports.
    • Selected Characteristics of Manufacturing Establishments that Export.
      This report presents data on the number of manufacturing companies and establishments that export by major group, State, employment size, and ratios of exports to shipments.