1997 Census of Manufactures

The 1997 Census of Manufactures was issued in three publication series: Industry, Subject, and Geographic Area, and an additional report. Detailed holdings are described below, with links to the web versions. The Business Library has acquired print versions of selected volumes only.

This information is also available on the 1997 Economic Census: Manufacturing web site, from the U.S. Census Bureau. The full text of all the reports is available (in PDF format), as well as the data tables in HTML, explanatory materials and links to related sites.

You can also access the data via American FactFinder.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Industry Series.
    The reports cover all manufacturing establishments with one or more paid employees. Manufacturing is defined as the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products.
        Establishments in the manufacturing sector are often described as plants, factories, or mills and typically use power-driven machines and materials-handling equipment. Also included in the manufacturing sector are some establishments that make products by hand, like custom tailors and the makers of custom draperies; some establishments like bakeries and candy stores that make products on the premises may be included. For each industry, data is provided for selected States.
  • Subject Series. 4 reports.
  • Geographic Area Series. 52 reports.
    Pt.31: New York
    There is a General Summary and a separate report for each State and the District of Columbia.
  • Numerical List of Manufactured and Mineral Products.
    HD 9725 .A542 1997g - Business