1982 Census of Mineral Industries

The 1982 Census of Mineral Industries was issued in three publication series. Detailed holdings are described below.

Volumes which contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Subject Series. 4 pts.
    HD 9506 .U62 C45 1984 v.1 - Business
    • Pt. 1 - General Summary
    • Pt. 2 - Gross Book Value of Depreciable Assets, Capital Expenditures, Retirements, Depreciation, and Rental Payments
    • Pt. 3 - Fuels and Electric Energy Consumed
    • Pt. 4 - Water Use in Mineral Industries
  • Industry Series. 12 pts.
    HD 9506 .U62 C45 1984 v.2 - Business
    Each of the 12 reports provides information for an industry or a group of related industries. Final figures for the U.S. are shown for each of 42 mineral industries ... Comparative statistics for earlier years are included. Industry statistics are shown by State, type of operation, and size of establishment.
  • Geographic Area Series. 9 pts.
    HD 9506 .U62 C45 1984 v.3 - Business
    A separate report for each of the nine geographic divisions presents statistics for individual States for two- and three-digit industry groups by type of operation and by county. Also data are shown for value of shipments, value added by mining, employment, payroll, hours worked, capital expenditures, cost of supplies, etc., purchased machinery installed, and number of mining establishments, with comparative 1977 data on employment and value added by mining.
    Pt. 2 - Middle Atlantic States: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

There was also one reference title published:

  • Numerical List of Manufactured and Mineral Products, 1977 Product Class Basis.
    Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1982.
    HD 9724 .A2 1982 - Offsite