1992 Census of Transportation

The 1992 Census of Transportation, Communications, and Utilities was published in five series. Detailed holdings are described below, with links to the web versions, if available.

This information is also available on the 1992 Economic Census web site, from the U.S. Census Bureau. The full text of all the reports is available (in PDF format), as well as the data tables in HTML, explanatory materials and links to related sites.

You can also access the data via American FactFinder.

Volumes that contain tables specifically about New York are highlighted.

  • Truck Inventory and Use Survey. 52 reports.
    HE 18 1992 .A53 1995g v.1-3 - Business
    CD-ROM: HE 18 1992 .A533 1995g - Electronic Data Service
    Pt.33: New York
    This series includes a U.S. Summary and a separate report for each State and the District of Columbia. Data cover the physical and operational characteristics of the Nations's private and commercial truck resources, such as the number of vehicles, major use, annual miles, model year, body type, vehicle size, fuel type, operator classification, engine size, range of operation, weeks operated, products carried, and hazardous materials carried. The reports show comparative statistics reflecting percent changes in number of vehicles between 1987 and 1992 for all characteristics.
  • 1993 Commodity Flow Survey. 141 reports.
    CD-ROM: HE 206.2 .C44 1997g - Electronic Data Service
    Pt.33: New York
    This series includes a preliminary U.S. Summary, a set of National Transportation Analysis Region (NTAR) reports, a set of State reports (including the District of Columbia), and a final, more detailed U.S. Summary. Data cover the characteristics of commodity shipments initiated by establishments engaged in manufacturing, mining, wholesale, and selected retail, service, and auxiliary activities. The NTAR and State reports include data on NTAR-to-NTAR and State-to-State commodity shipments, respectively. The final U.S. Summary includes more detailed commodity descriptions, data on containerized and hazardous materials shipments, and supplemental data on availability and use of transportation equipment and facilities.
  • Geographic Area Series. 1 report.
    HE 206.2 .C45 1995g - Business
    The geographic area Summary reports presents data for the U.S. and States for establishments with payroll for detailed kind-of-business classifications. Statistics on number of establishments and revenue are also shown for States and selected metropolitan area (MA's) by kind of business. For each State, the District of Columbia, and the U.S., 1992 data are provided on revenue and employees per establishment and on revenue and payroll per employee. Comparative statistics showing percent changes in revenue and payroll between 1987 and 1992 are also shown for some kind-of-business classifications.
  • Nonemployer Statistics Series. 1 report.
    HE 206.2 .C46 1995g - Business
    The report includes data by kind of business for all establishments, establishments with payroll, and establishments without payroll for the U.S. and States.
  • Subject Series. 2 reports.