International Labour Organization (ILO)

IGO Publications Ready Reference Collection


The following titles may be available in various formats: online, print, CD-ROM, and microfiche. 

  • Links are provided to online resources.  In order to view many of these resources, you must have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer installed on your computer. You can download a free copy of the reader.
  • Online resources marked with the following symbol are restricted to Columbia affiliates:
  • The call numbers given refer to print editions, unless the words CD-ROM or Microfiche are appended following the location to indicate a different format.  For serials, only the most current edition is normally shelved in Reference; the older volumes are shelved in library stacks.  None of the titles circulate.
    For an increasing number of titles, no print versions are being produced; call numbers provided are for older editions only.

  • Microfiche with location "Lehman U.S. Government Documents" are shelved in the U.S. Government Documents microfiche cabinets, located in Lehman Library.

General Resources


  • Decent Work Country Profiles
    Frequency of publication: Irregular
  • Global Employment Trends
    Frequency of publication: Annual
    HD 5852 .G56 2003g - Business
  • Global Wage Report: 2008/09, 2010/11, 2012/13
    Frequency of publication: Biennial
  • International Labour Review
    Frequency of publication: Quarterly
    Serials I - Business
    Microfilm FN 1536 - Business
    IIS 3720-P1 - Lehman U.S. Government Documents (Microfiche)
  • International Labour Standards
  • Key Indicators of the Labour Market (6th ed. 2009)
    Frequerncy of publication: Annual
    HD5701 .K49 - Business
    CD-ROM HD5701 .K492 - Business (CD-ROM)
    IIS 3720-S88 - Lehman U.S. Government Documents (Microfiche)
  • World Employment Report
    Frequency of publication: Biennial
    HD 5701 .W571 - Business
  • World Labour Report
    Frequency of publication: Annual (1984-2000)
    HD4802 .W65 - Business
    IIS 3720-S19 - Lehman U.S. Government Documents (Microfiche)
  • World of Work Report
    Frequency of publication: Annual
  • World Social Security Report: 2010/11
    Frequency of publication: Biennial
  • Yearbook of Labour Statistics
    HD 4826 .In8 - Butler
    HD 4826 .In8
    - Business
    HD 4826 .In8
    - Lehman
    IIS 3720-S8 - Lehman U.S. Government Documents (Microfiche)