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Information about New York City can be found in several Columbia libraries. This is a guide to get you started. The categories listed above are not mutually exclusive. Information on health data and statistics may be found in the sections titled Health Data, Indexes & Abstracts, and Economic & Social Services Data, as well as in subsections under General & Demographic Data, for example. Check CLIO and the card catalogs for additional sources, and for newer titles. For assistance, ask at the reference desk in any of the libraries listed in the last section, Libraries and Information Centers.

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Related Subject Guides


  • White, Norval.
    AIA guide to New York City.
    4th ed. 2000.
    Avery Reference - AA735 N4 Am35113
    Journalism Reference, Barnard Reference - NA735.N5 A78 2000
        A listing of approximately 4500 buildings and other structures of architectural interest in the five Boroughs, with brief notes on their history and style.
  • Bailey, A. Peter. 
    Harlem today: a cultural and visitors guide.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 B154
    Journalism Reference, Lehman Reference - F 128.68 .H3 B3 1994g
    Butler Reference - R 978 N48 B151
  • Beatrice Benjamin Cartwright Memorial Collection.
    Butler Library Periodical Reading Room (Room 307)
        Located in the Browsing Room of the Periodical Reading Room in Butler Library, this is a small, friendly, very browsable collection of guidebooks to, and popular histories of, New York City.
  • Bloom, Ken.
    Broadway : an encyclopedic guide to the history, people, and places of Times Square. 1991.
    Barnard - F 128.65 .T5 B56 1991
    Butler Reference - R 810.128 B62
  • Dajani, Virginia.
    Jurors guide to lower Manhattan: five walking tours. 1984.
    Lehman Reference - F 128.18 .D34 1984
  • Diamonstein, Barbaralee.
    The landmarks of New York II. 1993.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 D541
    Barnard, Lehman Reference - F 128.7 .D56 1993
  • Diamonstein, Barbaralee.
    The landmarks of New York III. 1998.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 D5411
    Barnard Reference/Journalism Reference - F 128.7 .D57 1998
  • Dolkart, Andrew.
    Guide to New York City landmarks. 1998.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 1998 D69
    Journalism - F 128.18 .D65 1998
  • Dolkart, Andrew.
    This is Brooklyn : a guide to the Borough's historic districts. 1990
    Avery - AA 735 N4B7 D68
  • Dolkart, Andrew.
    Touring the Upper East side: walks in five historic districts. 1995.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 1995 D69
    Barnard - F 128.68 .U63 .D65 1995
  • Dolkart, Andrew.
    Touring historic Harlem: four walks in Northern Manhattan. 1999.
    Barnard - NA 737 .N5 1999
  • Dreschler-Marx, Carin.
    Broadway, from the Battery to the Bronx. 1988.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 1988 D81
    Barnard, Butler - F 128.67 .B7 D74 1988
  • Encyclopedia of New York City. 1995.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 En197
    Barnard Reference, Butler Reserves, Health Sciences Reference - F 128.3 .E75 1995
    Journalism Reference, Lehman Reference - F 128.3 .E75 1995
    Butler Reference - R 978 N48 En191
  • Fund for the Borough of Brooklyn.
    Brooklyn neighborhood book. 1985.
    Lehman Reference - F 129 .B7 B759 1985g
  • FYI: a comprehensive guide to statistical sources for the New York City metropolitan area. 1997.
    Lehman Reference - HA 547.N5 .F99 1997g
  • Goldstone, Harmon H.
    History preserved: a guide to New York City landmarks and historic districts. 1974.
    Avery, Avery Reference, Avery Reserves - AA 735 N4 G57
    Barnard, Lehman Reference - F 128.7 .G64
  • Gourse, Leslie.
    The best guided walking tours of New York City for residents and visitors: exploring the neighborhoods of Manhattan and the other boroughs. 1989.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 G74
  • Hamilton, Marian.
    The best things in New York are free. Rev. ed. 1991.
    Lehman - F 128.18 .H347 1991
        A comprehensive listing of free and inexpensive things to do in New York City.
  • Harris, M. A.
    A Negro history tour of Manhattan. 1968.
    Lehman Reference - F 128.9 .N3 H35 1968
  • Hurewitz, Daniel.
    Stepping out : nine tours through New York City's gay and lesbian past. 1997.
    Barnard - HQ 75.26 .U6 H87 1997
  • King, Moses.
    King's handbook of New York City, 1893. 2nd Ed. 1972.
    Barnard, Lehman Reference - F 128.18 .K52
  • Knapp, Fred D.
    New York public records guide: southern New York region. 1994.
    Butler Reference - R 978 N48 K721
    Lehman Reference - CD 3404 .K53 1994g
  • Kroessler, Jeffrey A.
    A guide to historical map resources for greater New York. 1988.
    Butler Reference - R 016.91272 K913
  • Kronman, Barbara.
    The guide to NYC public records. 4th ed. 1992.
    Avery Reference - AA735 N4 K921
    Butler Reference - R016.978 N48 K9251
    Lehman Reference, Lehman Reserves - KFN 5752 .K76 1992g
    Health Sciences Reference - Z 1318 .N5 K76 1992
  • Leon, Ruth.
    Applause: New York's guide to the performing arts. 1991.
    Journalism Reference - PN 2277 .N5 L377 1991
  • Lopez, Manuel D.
    New York, a guide to information and reference sources. 1980.
    Barnard Reference, Lehman Reference - Z 1317 .L66
    Butler Reference - R 016.978 L88
  • Lopez, Manuel D.
    New York, a guide to information and reference sources, 1979-1986. 1987.
    Barnard Reference, Lehman Reference - Z 1317 .L663 1987
    Butler Reference - R 016.978 L88
  • McDarrah, Fred W.
    Museums in New York. 5th ed. 1990.
    Fine Arts Reference - N 920 .N4 M1412
  • McNamara, John.
    History in asphalt: the origin of Bronx street and place names, Burough of the Bronx, New York City. 1984.
    Journalism Reference - F 128.68 .B8 M3 1984
  • Marden, William.
    Marden's guide to Manhattan booksellers. 1994.
    Rare Book - REF Z 478.6 .N5 M37 1994
  • Moscow, Henry.
    The street book: an encyclopedia of Manhattan's street names and their origins.
    Avery - AA735 N4 M8541
    Barnard, Journalism Reference - F 128.67 .A1 M67 1990g
  • Myers, Dowell.
    Analysis with local census data: portraits of change. 1992.
    Health Sciences, Lehman, Lehman Reference, Ware - HA 29 .M94 1992
        Once you've found your New York City census data, then what? This book is the best guide to understanding and working with small area census data.
  • Reed, Henry Hope.
    Central Park: a history and a guide. Rev. ed. 1972.
    Butler - F 128.65 .C3 R4 1972
  • Ricciuti, Edward R.
    The New York City wildlife guide: wild creatures of New York City and where to find them. 1984.
    Biology Reference, Milstein (Butler Library) - QL 195 .R53 1984
        Not a guide to NYC nightlife, but to those denizens presumably not as advanced on the evolutionary scale as those of us using these materials.
  • Rutgers University Press in association with the Museum of the City of New York.
    Greenwich Village: culture and counterculture. 1993.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 G853
    Barnard, Butler, Journalism - F 128.68 .G8 G74 1993
  • Salwen, Peter.
    Upper West Side story: a history and guide. 1989.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 Sa39
    Barnard, Butler, Journalism - F 128.68 .U67 S35 1989
  • Stokes, Isaac N.
    Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498-1909. 6 vols. 1998.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 St611
        An invaluable sourcebook for the history of the city from the earliest European explorations to the end of the 19th century, with an extensive collection of views of maps, documents, bibliography, a detailed chronology, and an excellent index.
  • Tauber, Gilbert.
    The New York City handbook: a comprehensive, practical guide for natives and newcomers living and working in New York to the ins and outs of the five boroughs' assets, systems, neighborhoods, services and opportunities. 1966 or rev ed. 1968.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 T19
    Barnard - F 128.18 .T3
    Butler Reference - R 978 N48 T19
    Social Work - R 917.471 T222
  • Ulmann, Albert.
    A landmark history of New York; also the origin of street names and a bibliography. 1916.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 UL512
  • Ullman, Albert. 1939.
    A landmark history of New York, including a guide to commemorative sites and monuments.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 UL5
    Butler - 978 N48 UL5
  • Ultan, Lloyd.
    The Bronx in the innocent years, 1890-1925. 1985.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 B8 UL8
    Milstein (Butler Library), Ware - F 128.68 .B8 U583 1985
  • Ultan, Lloyd.
    The beautiful Bronx (1920-1950). 1979.
    Barnard, Butler, Journalism, Lehman Reference - F 128.68 .B8 U57
  • Winkleman, Michael.
    The fragility of turf: the neighborhoods of New York City. 1986.
    Journalism - F 128.44 .W6 1986g
  • Wolfe, Gerard R.
    New York, a guide to the metropolis: walking tours of architecture and history. 1994.
    Avery, Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 W83113
    Lehman, Barnard, Journalism Reference - NA 735 .N5 W64 1994
  • WPA Guide to New York City : the Federal Writers' Project guide to 1930s New York : a comprehensive guide to the five boroughs of the metropolis-- Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Richmond. 1992.
    Barnard, Journalism Reference, Lehman Reference - F 128.18 .N375 1992
  • Zavin, Shirley.
    Staten Island walking tours. 1986.
    Avery - AA 735 N4St2 Z19
    Lehman Reference - F 127. S7 Z38 1986g


  • Bailey, Rosalie.
    Guide to genealogical and biographical sources for NYC (Manhattan), 1783-1898. 1954.
    Butler Reference - R016.978 N48 B155
  • Burnham, Alan.
    New York City, the development of the metropolis: an annotated bibliography. 1988.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 B92nn
    Barnard Reference - Z 1318 .N5 B94 1988
  • Buttenweiser, Ann L.
    Bibliography of New York City history. 1982.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 B98
  • Eiberson, Harold.
    Sources for the study of the New York area. 1960.
    Butler Reference - R016.978 N48 Ei17
    Health Sciences Reference - Z 7165 .U6 .N42 Eil 1960
  • New York Public Library. Research Libraries.
    Dictionary catalog of materials on New York City. 3 vols. 1977.
    Butler Reference Oversize - R016.978 N48 N48 F
  • Pouvat, Richard V.
    The ecology and natural resources of New York City: a bibliography: a reference guide to literature for scientists, planners, and natural resource managers. 1991.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 En1 P86
  • A reference guide and bibliography to the ecology and natural resources of the New York City metropolitan area, 1997.
    Lehman - Z7408.U6 R44 1997g
  • Reynolds, James B.
    Civic bibliography for greater New York. 1911.
    Butler Reference - R016.352 N48
        An important bibliography of works on New York city history, government, institutions, economic and social conditions, ethnic and religious groups, and public works and philanthropy, particularly valuable for the second half of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.
  • Rodriguez, Narciso.
    The Bronx in print: an annotated catalogue of books and pamphlets about the Bronx. 1981.
    Butler Stacks - Z 1318 .B7 R63


  • Address directory: 1980 census tracts, 1990 census tracts, community districts, health areas, police precincts, school districts, Zip codes. 5 vols. 1994.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 Ad281
  • Alexander, P.M.
    Theatre research resources in New York City. 1992.
    Butler Reference - R 016.80 A126
  • Big Apple street smarts: names, addresses, phone numbers & information enabling you to survive smart in Manhattan. 1992.
    Avery - AA 50 B48
    Barnard Reference - F 128.18 .B54 1992g
  • The Blue book: building and construction. New York. Annual. 1992- .
    Latest at Avery Reference - AB B6242
        Contains a classified and alphabetical list of general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, material & equipment dealers, manufacturers, providers of construction related services.
  • CARES directory : guide to human services in the greater New York City Area. 1998-
    Barnard Reference, Health Sciences Reference, Lehman Reference - HV 99 .N59 S61
    • Continues The source book: social and health services in the greater New York area. Biannual. 1984/85-1995/1996.
  • City services for older New Yorkers / prepared by the New York City Department for the Aging, with the cooperation of the Interdepartmental Council on Aging of the City of New York. 3rd ed. 1988.
    Social Work - HV 1471 .N52 C5 1988g
        In two parts:
    • Listing of 23 City departments, agencies, and offices, with general information & description of "programs of special interest to seniors",
    • Listing of Senior Centers and Service Programs by Borough - includes map zip code/Community District chart, alhabetical list of programs, short program descriptions (by CD number).
  • Directory of community boards in New York City. 1984.
    Avery - AA9127 N4G5 D621
  • Directory of community services = Directorio de servicios para la comunidad. Annual. 1981-
    Latest in Health Sciences Reference - F 128.18 .D62
    Butler, Social Work - F 128.18 .N381
        A bilingual (English and Spanish) directory of social and community services. Health Sciences Library keeps the current year only.
  • Directory of Services to Immigrants. 1997.
    Lehman Reference - HV 4012 .N4 D57 1997g
  • Directory of N.Y.C. women's organizations. Annual. 1982- .
    Barnard Reference - HV 1447 .N5 W651
  • The Green book: official directory of the City of New York. Annual. 1984- .
    Avery (Latest in Reference) - AB G78
    Barnard Reference (Latest only), Business Reference (Latest only) - JS 1222 .A3 N4
    Butler Reference, Lehman Reference Desk (Latest only) - JS 1222 .A3 N4
        The phone book for New York City government.
  • Hispanic human service directory = Guia hispana de servicios humanos. 1988.
    Social Work - HV 98 .N7 H57 1988g
        A bilingual directory of 267 agencies in the tri-state area established by Hispanics, or whose governing boards are mostly Hispanics. For each Borough, a map followed by an alphabetic list of agencies with descriptions. Multiple indexes.
  • New York City: a basic guide to services and community resources. 1997.
    Journalism Reference - HV 99 .N59 N58 1997g
  • New York State census records, 1790-1925. 1981.
    Butler - Z 7554 .U52 N7
  • New York City Directory.
    Butler Library - Reference (Room 325)
    Microform Reading Room (Room 501)
        Under this heading in the serials card catalog in Butler Reference can be found listings for a variety of residential and business directories for New York and its Boroughs from the 18th through the 20th centuries, housed in Butler, Avery, and Business. Copies of a number of the early directories can also be found in two large microfiche sets available in the Microform Reading Room:
    • City Directories of the United States Through 1860
    • City Directories of the United States, 1860-1801
  • New York City resources: a directory of New York City directories. 1996.
    Lehman Reference - HV 99 .N59 N49 1996g
  • New York in focus. Semiannual. 1984-1985/86.
    Lehman - HC 107 .N7 N49
        Although it has ceased publication, it's still useful for its listing of 250 institutions and organizations in New York State which have sponsored research projects concerning the State's economy and the effect of government on the economy.
  • Register of foreign consulates and associated government offices in New York City. Biannual. 1988/89- .
    Latest in Lehman Reference - JX 1705 .A29
  • Restoration directory: a listing of services in the New York City area. 7th ed. 1998.
    Avery Reference - AA 50 R31111
  • Social register [combined edition]. Annual. 1977- .
    Latest in Butler Reference - F 154.7 .S67
        Includes New York City among others; continues Social register, New York (below).
  • Social register, New York. Annual. 1893-1976.
    Butler Stacks - F .S63

Indexes & Abstracts

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of New York City research, general indexes to periodicals (e.g., Social Sciences Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Humanities Index) should be consulted along with the more specialized indexes listed below. Many of these general indexes are available in print, on CD-ROM, and on LibraryWeb.

  • Avery index to architectural periodicals. 2d ed. and supplements, 1975- .
    Avery - AC C724 Ed. 2 and suppls.
    Butler Reference - R057.2 C72 Ed. 2 and suppls.
        Produced by the reference staff of Avery Library, the Index has in-depth coverage of New York architecture and related fields from over 800 current periodicals, from the late 19th century to the present.
  • Current index to journals in education: CIJE. Monthly. 1975- .
    Teachers College Reference - Index Table - Z 5813 .C8
        One half of the ERIC system (the other is Resources in education, below); can also be searched as part of the ERIC CD-ROM in Teachers College.
  • Falk, Byron A.
    Personal name index to "The New York Times Index", 1851-1974, and annual supplements, 1975- .
    Butler Reference - R070 F18
  • GPO Monthly Catalog. Monthly. 1976- .
        The cumulated electronic index to all United States government publications, 1976-present. Older government documents can be located through the Monthly Catalog, located in the Documents Service Center and Butler Reference.
  • Index to current urban documents. Quarterly. 1972- .
    Lehman Reference - Z 7165 .U5 I6
        Use the Index to search the most complete set of current New York City government documents at Columbia. Use with the Urban Documents Microfiche Collection, New York City Subset, filed at Lehman Microfiche FX3 4549.
  • Journal of planning literature. Quarterly. 1986- .
    Avery - AB J8362
  • Journal of real estate literature. Quarterly. 1993- .
    Avery - AB J82245
  • Library of Congress. Processing Dept.
    Monthly checklist of state publications. 1910- .
    Barnard - 328.734 Un35 or Microfiche FX3 1151
    Latest in Butler Reference - Z1223.5 .A1 U5
    Health Sciences Reference - Serial M
    Law - Bibl. B Un3732
  • The New York Daily Tribune index, 1875-1906.
    Butler Reference - R070 N496
    Lehman - Check CLIO (through 1892 only)
    Microform Reading Room - Microfilm FN43
  • New York State Library.
    A checklist of official publications of the State of New York. Monthly. 1947- .
    Lehman Reference - Z 1223.5.M57 N55
    Law - Z 1223.5 .N45 N4
        The Documents Service Center is a full or research-level depository for New York State documents. The collection is on microfiche, and dates from 1983 to the present. Earlier material can be located through the card catalog in the Butler Reference Department. Use the Monthly Checklist to locate materials on a particular subject. Use the Statistical Reference Index (below) to identify useful statistical materials from New York State the New York State Library's catalog.
  • The New York Times index. Biweekly. 1913- .
    Barnard Reference, Lehman Reference, Microform Reading Room - AI 21 .N45
    Butler Reference - R070 N481
    Lehman Reference - AI 21 .N45
        This, along with the following title and the Falk index (above), is an essential source for any study of the history and affairs of the city from the mid-19th century to the present. Holdings vary for individual departments. Complete set in Butler Reference. Also see information about newspapers in The Power of the Press section.
  • The New York Times index ("Prior Series"), 1851-1912.
    Butler Reference - R070 N48
  • Newspaper abstracts.
    This online database indexes "significant items" from over 25 national and regional newspapers, including the Amsterdam Times, Barron's, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Coverage generally is 1989 to the present, with weekly updating.
  • PAIS international. Monthly. 1915- .
    Avery Reference - AB P143
    Business Reference - Z 7163 .P922
    Butler Reference - R053 P963111
    Lehman Reference - Z 7163 .P922
  • Rand Corporation.
    Selected Rand abstracts.
    Quarterly. 1964- .
    Law - AS 36 .R284
    Lehman Reference - Index Table - Z 7911 .R151
        In 1968, the City of New York asked for assistance from the RAND Corporation in developing a research program focused on some of the City's more urgent and complex problems. This request led to the formation in 1969 of the New York City-RAND Institute, the purpose of which was to assist the City and its agencies in improving operations and in providing a better basis for decisionmaking. Before closing in 1975, the Institute completed a number of studies that contributed to major policy analysis, bringing about changes in City agency policies and practices. The major areas of research for the Institute were welfare, health, housing, fire protection, law enforcement, criminal justice, and water resources.
    The Lehman Library has received all unclassified RAND publications since 1953, including many on New York City, both RAND-New York City studies and others.The RAND web site offers both a search capability for the RAND Abstracts, and full text access to many RAND documents and reports.
  • Resources in education: RIE. Monthly. 1975- .
    Teachers College Reference - Index Table - Z 5813 .E76
        One half of the ERIC system (the other is Current Index to Journals in Education, above); includes current research findings, books, technical reports, etc., including many publications by the NYC Board of Education; can also be searched as part of the ERIC CD-ROM in Teachers College.
  • Sage urban studies abstracts. Quarterly. 1973- .
    Lehman Reference - Index Table - HT 51 .S24
  • Statistical Universe. Monthly.
    Washington, D.C. Congressional Information Service, 1973-
        The Statistical Universe database provides comprehensive access to statistical data. Many of the U.S. government sources are linked to the full text of the data, while state, private, and IGO sources are cited, allowing the researcher to then locate the statistical source in the library, either in print or as part of the microfiche service which accompanies the printed index.
        Print versions are:
    • American Statistics Index (ASI): Z 7554 .U5 A46 - Lehman Index Table
    • Index to International Statistics (IIS): Z 7552 .I53 - Lehman Index Table
    • Statistical Reference Index (SRI): HA 202 .S8 - Business Reference
  • Urban affairs abstracts. Weekly. 1985- .
    Avery - AB Ur1205
  • Wall Street Journal index. Monthly. 1955- .
    Business Reference Index Table - HG 1 .W15
        Also indexes Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly.

Immigrants & Ethnic Groups

  • Asians in New York City: A demographic summary. 1988.
    Lehman Reference - F 128.9 .O6 A84 1988g
  • Bogen, Elizabeth.
    Caribbean immigrants in New York City: a demographic summary. 1988.
    Lehman Reference - F 128.9 .C27 B63 1988g
  • Bogen, Elizabeth.
    Immigration in New York. 1987.
    Barnard, Lehman, Lehman Reference, Social Work - JV 7048 .B63 1987
  • Ernst, Robert.
    Immigrant life in New York City, 1825-1863. 1994.
    Butler - F 128.9 .A1 E7 1994
  • Fisher, Maxine.
    The Indians of New York City: a study of immigrants from India. 1980.
    Barnard, Butler, Lehman - F 128.9 .E3 F5 1980g
  • Hanson-Sanchez, Christopher.
    New York City Latino Neighborhoods Databook. 1996.
    Lehman Reference - F 128.9 .S75 H3 1996g
  • Hernandez, Ramona.
    Dominican New Yorkers: a socioeconomic profile, 1997. 1997.
    Lehman Reference - F 128.9 .D6 H473 1997
  • Immigration Is Transforming New York City.
    Lehman - F 128.9 .A1 I44 1997g
        A report from the Taub Urban Research Center, New York University.
  • The Jewish population of Greater New York: a profile. 1984.
    Lehman, Lehman Reference, Social Work - F 128.9 .J5 J4
  • Leeds, Mark.
    Passport's guide to ethnic New York: a complete guide to the many faces & cultures of New York. 1996.
    Journalism Reference - F 128.18 .L397 1996
  • The newest New Yorkers, 1995-1996. 1999.
    Barnard Reference, Journalism Reference, Lehman Reference - F 128.9.A1 S395 1999g
  • Mann, Evelyn S.
    Characteristics of new Hispanic immigrants to New York City: a comparison of Puerto Rican and non-Puerto Rican Hispanics. 1984.
    Lehman, Lehman Reference - F 128.9 .S75 M36 1984g
  • Margolis, Maxine L.
    An invisible Minority: Brazilians in New York City. 1998
    Lehman - F 128.9 .B68 M35 1998
  • New immigrants in New York. 1987.
    Barnard, Journalism, Lehman, Lehman Reference, Lehman Reserves, Milstein (Butler Library) - F 128.9 .A1 N38 1987
  • Papademetriou, Demetrios G.
    Undocumented aliens in the New York Metropolitan Area: an exploration into their social and labor market incorporation. 1986.
    Lehman - JV 7048 .P37 1986
        Presents data on sex distribution, size of household, marital status, education, labor fields and skills, household incomes, taxation, and utilization of the social infrastructure. Includes a literature review on undocumented immigration.
  • Puerto Rican New Yorkers in 1990.
    Avery Reference - AA 9127 N4 P9653
    Lehman Reference, Ware - F 128.9 .P85 P84 1993g
  • Shokeid, Moshe.
    Children of circumstances: Israeli emigrants in New York. 1988.
    Barnard, Milstein (Butler Library) - F 128.68 .Q4 S565 1988
  • Stein, Zelda.
    The complete guide to ethnic New York. 1980.
    Barnard Reference - F 128.18 .S68
    Butler Reference - R 978 N48 St45
  • Youssef, Nadia Haggag.
    The demographics of immigration: a socio-demographic profile of the foreign-born population in New York State. 1992.
    Barnard, Health Sciences, Lehman Reference - JV 7045 .Y68 1992

Government & Politics

  • Brecher, Charles.
    Power failure: New York City politics and policy since 1960. 1993.
    Barnard, Butler Stacks, Lehman Reserves - F 128.52 .B725 1993
  • CBC [Citizens Budget Committee] quarterly. 1981-1988.
    Business - Serials C
        Although it has unfortunately ceased publication, the CBC Quarterly provided useful independent analysis of the NYC budgets and expenditures.
  • Citizens Budget Commission (New York, N.Y.).
    Political leadership in the two New Yorks: fiscal policy in the 1990s. 1993.
    Lehman - HJ 9289 .N7 C57 1993g
  • Citizens Budget Commission (New York, N.Y.).
    Budget 2000 project. 7 vols. 1996.
    Lehman - HJ 9289.N46 C57 1996g
  • Fuchs, Ester R.
    Mayors and money: fiscal policy in New York and Chicago. 1992.
    Barnard Course Reserves, Butler Reserves, Business Stacks, Lehman/Social Work Reserves - HJ 9289 .N46 F83 1992
  • Giuliani, Rudolph W.
    Preliminary strategic policy statement. 1994.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4G5 N484
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - JS 1234.A1 G58 1994g
  • Kivelson, Adrienne.
    What makes New York City run? 1991.
    Journalism Reference, Lehman Reference - JS 1228 .K58 1991
        Subtitled "A citizen's guide to how city government works," published by the League of Women Voters, this short guide describes in brief the confusing mixture of governing bodies which determines the life of the City.
  • The Mayor's management report. Semiannual. 1977- .
    Barnard, Lehman (Latest in Lehman/Social Work Reserves) - JS 1228 .N38
        The preliminary report gives performance results for the first months of the current fiscal year and establishes service and performance goals for the next fiscal year. The final report details final performance results for the previous year. Recent volumes contain an executive summary and separate chapters on enforcement services, capital services, community development, human services, and citywide services. Within each area there are reports on each of the city agencies, including a narrative review and statistical tables. The place to look to find out how your tax dollars are being spent: Percent of parking meters operable, Scofflaws certified, Sick leave rates by agency, Average number of inmates using the Law Library daily, etc.
  • McNickle, Chris.
    To be mayor of New York: ethnic politics in the city. 1993.
    Barnard, Butler, Journalism, Lehman, Milstein (Butler Library) - F 128.5 .M39 1993
        A history of how ethnic groups have influenced New York City's politics form the late 1880s to the present, especially in their struggle to control the mayor's office. Includes ethnic voting statistics from 1949-1957 and a substantive bibliography.
  • Mollenkopf, John H.
    A phoenix in the ashes: the rise and fall of the Koch coalition in New York City politics. 1994.
    Butler Reserves - F 128.55 .M65 1994
  • Morris, Charles R.
    The cost of good intentions: New York City and the liberal experiment, 1960-1975. 1980.
    Barnard, Butler, Lehman, Ware - HJ 9289 .N4 M67 1980 or 1981
  • New York (N.Y.).
    New York City charter: as amended to December 31, 1992. 1992.
    Barnard Reference, Lehman Reference - KFX 2003 .A44 1992g
        See Thomas, Dorothy. Index... (below) for a current, annotated Charter and Code.
  • New York State Financial Control Board.
    Staff report, New York City financial plan FYs 1992-1995. 1991.
    Business Reference - HJ 9289 .N4 S743 1991g
  • Organization charts of New York City agencies. 1996.
    Lehman - KFX 2017.4 .O74 1996g
  • Sayre, Wallace S.
    Governing New York City: politics in the metropolis. 1965.
    Barnard, Business, Health Sciences Stacks, Lehman, Milstein (Butler Library), Social Work - JS 1228 .S37 1965
        The best overview of the workings of NYC government at the time. Sample chapters deal with Elections, Appointments and Removals, Leaders of the Overhead Agencies, Leasers of the Organized City Bureaucracies, the Council, the [late and unlamented] Board of Estimate, the Mayor, etc. Each chapter concludes with a summary and bibliography. Also included are 68 tables of statistics about the City and an appendix of sources of information about New York City, which lists special collections, libraries, books, and periodical articles.
  • Shefter, Martin.
    Political crisis, fiscal crisis: the collapse and revival of New York City. 1992.
    Journalism, Lehman, Ware - HJ 9289 .N4 S54 1992
        One of several books about the City's fiscal crisis, Shefter's thesis is bolstered by a number of interesting data tables. His "Notes" section (p. 237-256) serves as a bibliography for this topic.
  • Thomas, Dorothy.
    Index, New York City Charter and Administrative Code, annotated: a complete text of the New York City Charter and the New York City Administrative code with court decisions from the time of the enactment of the Code and Charter. Multiple vols. Looseleaf. 1976- .
    Law - S NY81 1976i
  • Urban politics, New York style. 1990.
    Barnard, Butler Reserves, Lehman/Social Work Reserves - JS 1228 .U73 1990

Economic & Social Services Data

  • Adult entertainment study. 1994.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 L1 Ad93
    Business - HQ 146 .N7 A38 1994g
  • Affordable housing for New Yorkers: city assisted housing since 1978. 1989.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 Af28
  • Lee, Moon Wha.
    Housing New York City 1996. 1999.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HD 7288 .N5 L34 1999g
  • Challenges of the changing economy of New York City. Annual. 1968-.
    Barnard Reference, Business, Social Work - HC 108 .N7 C4
        Each volume contains the proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Council on Economic Education at Baruch College. The articles are authored by a mix of academics and city officials, and deal with issues such as education, competitiveness, trade policies, small business, and quality of life.
  • Changes in occupancy components 1980-1990: persons in households, persons in group quarters, occupied housing, vacant housing units, average household size: New York City by borough. 1991.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 C36
  • Citizens Budget Commission.
    The state of municipal services. Annual. 1982- .
    Social Work - HD 4606 .N5 M85
  • Citizens Budget Commission.
    The state of municipal services in the 1990s: crowding, building conditions and staffing in New York City public schools.
    Social Work - LB3241.3.N7 C58 1997g
  • Citizens Budget Commission.
    The state of municipal services in the 1990s: Social Services in New York City.
    Social Work - HV99.N5 C5 1997g
  • The Cohort report. 1991- .
    Lehman (Latest volume in Reference) - LC 144 .N48 C65
        A statistical report on the graduating high school class and follow-ups for previous classes.
  • Comparative analysis, financial and economic indicators. Annual. 1982- .
    Business (Latest volume in Reference) - HJ 9289 .N4 C59
  • Comprehensive retail strategy for New York City. 1995.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 In1 C73
    Business - HF 5429.5 .N5 C66 1995g
  • Daykin, David.
    HIV/AIDS current issues in New York City. 1993.
    Social Work - RA 644 .A25 D39 1993g
  • Eldercare in the '90s: a consumer's guide for New York friends and relatives. 1995.
    Social Work - RA 997.5 .N7 E43 1997g
        Information about nursing homes, adult homes, and other alternatives. In general, designed to help in the selection/evaluation of a home. Appendices include listings of homes, agencies, services, and a nursing home checklist.
  • Eu, Hongsook.
    Families on public assistance in New York City, 1980-1990. 1994.
    Social Work - HV 99 .N59 E8 1994g
  • Felstein, Carol.
    Toward the twenty-first century: housing in New York City. 1987.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 F33
    Social Work - HD 7304 .N5 F45 1987a
  • Guzewicz, Tony.
    Down and out in New York City: homelessness, a dishonorable poverty. 1994.
    Social Work - HV 4506 .N7 G88 1994
  • HRA Facts. Monthly. 1987-1995.
    Social Work - HV 87 .N5 H6
        Ceased publication. However, valuable for data it contains: Two pages of statistical and tabular data about poverty and welfare in New York City; includes figures on the number of people housed in shelters each month.
  • Hanrieder, Barbara D.
    The elderly in New York City, 1970-1980: selected demographic characteristics by borough. 1982.
    Health Sciences Reference, Social Work - HV 1471 .N42 H19 1982
  • Housing database: public and publicly aided housing. 6 vols. 1983.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 H814
    Social Work - HD 7304 .N5 H68 1983g
  • Louis Harris and Associates.
    Why people move to and away from New York City. 1993.
    Lehman - F 128.9 .A1 W49 1993g
  • McNamara, Robert P.
    The Times Square hustler: male prostitution in New York City. 1994.
    Lehman - HQ 146 .N7 M24 1994
  • New York (N.Y.). Board of Education.
    School profiles. Biannual. 1975/76-1982/83.
    Teachers College Reference - LB 2846 .N5
        Very detailed statistics about every aspect of NYC schools, with summaries citywide and by District, level, Chapter I status, and Borough; some longitudinal studies. Continues Community and High Schools Profiles. See also New York (N.Y.) City Planning Commission. Community School District Profiles in the General and Demographic Data: the 1970s section.
  • New York (N.Y.). Board of Education.
    School buildings: enrollment, capacity, utilization, 1987-1988. 1988.
    Teachers College Reference - LB 3218 .N5 N495 1988
  • New York (N.Y.). City Planning Commission.
    Shaping the city's future: New York City Planning and Zoning report: for public discussion, spring 1993. 1993.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 N4248
    Lehman - HT 168 .N5 N48 1993g
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Citywide industry study. 7 vols. 1993.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 In1 N47
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Comprehensive housing affordability strategy, federal fiscal year 1994. 1993.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 N48563
    Social Work - HD 7304 .N5 C75 1993g
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Proposed consolidated plan: federal fiscal year. Annual. 1994-
    Social Work - HT 168 .N5 N494
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 So1 N4837
        For submission to the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development, including the city's Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy and applications for the Community Development Block Grant and other housing entitlement programs.
  • New York (N.Y.).
    Statement of community district needs, the City of New York. Annual. 1983- .
    Avery (Latest in Reference) - AA 9127 N4 N417
    Journalism, Lehman (Latest in Reference) - HT 168 .N3
        As part of the city's annual budget process, New York City's Community Boards assess the needs and conditions in their respective Districts. As well as providing District-level tabulations for population, housing, vital statistics, land use, and income support, these documents also list a variety of District assets, including schools, libraries, parks, shelters for the homeless, and HRA day care centers.
  • Oppenheim, Vicki Ann.
    Building blocks: community-based strategies to counteract housing disinvestment and abandonment in New York City. 1994.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 Op55
  • Police Department, City of New York, Office of Management Analysis, Crime Analysis Section.
    Statistical report, complaints and arrests. Semiannual. 1983- .
    Social Work (Latest in Reference) - HV 7597 .A6
  • Rent regulation after 50 years: an overview of New York State's rent regulated housing, 1993. 1994.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HD 7304 .N5 R35 1994g
        Includes detailed statistical data on rent regulated housing in NYC, including a listing of every "Regulated" building in the City.
  • Rent stabilized housing in New York City: a summary of Rent Guidelines Board research. Annual. 1993- .
    Social Work - HD 7288.85 .U62 N56
  • Residential facilities in New York City 1993: an index of beds by type of facility and community district. 1993.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 N45463
    Social Work - NT 166 .N5 R47 1993g
  • Rights and remedies: a legal resource manual for battered women's advocates in New York City. Looseleaf. 1988- .
    Law - HV 6626 .R34 1988
  • Rosenberg, Terry J.
    Poverty in New York City, 1991: a research bulletin. 1992.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference, Social Work - HC 108 .N7 R682 1992g
        Examines poverty trends by several variables: age, family type, employment, education, race/ethnicity. Separate chapters deal with ethnic groups, children, and the City's benefit programs.
  • Rosenberg, Terry J.
    Poverty in New York City, 1980-1985. 1987.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HC 108 .N7 R67 1987
  • Rosenberg, Terry J.
    Poverty in New York City, 1985-1988: the crisis continues. 1989.
    Barnard Reference, Lehman/Social Work Reference, Social Work - HC 108 .N5 R67 1989g
  • Rosenberg, Terry J.
    Updated poverty tables for New York City with March 1994 current population survey estimates. 1995.
    Social Work - HC 79.P6 U6 1995
  • Rosenberg, Terry J.
    Poverty in New York City, 1996: an update and perspectives: a report to the Community Service Society of New York.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HV 4046 .N6 R783 1997g
  • Stegman, Michael A.
    Housing and vacancy report: New York City, 1991: a report. 1993.
    Avery - AA7544 N48 St3224
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HD 7304 .N5 S74 1993g
  • Tenants' rights and how to protect them. 5th ed. 1992-1993.
    Avery - AA 7544 N48 T25
  • Tourism & the arts in the New York-New Jersey region. 1993-1994.
    Business Reference, Ware - NX 180 .T67 T68 1993
        A 2-volume set detailing the results of surveys sponsored by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, to determine the impact of the arts in attracting tourists to the metropolitan area.
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census. Housing Division.
    1987 New York City housing and vacancy survey. 2 vols. 1988.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HD 7304 .N5 U74 1988g
       The survey is conducted every 3 years to comply with the City's rent control laws, sampling 18,000 housing units in all five Boroughs. Survey data include, among others: rental vacancy rate, rent control status, units in buildings, amount of rent, condition of buildings, neighborhood quality, and some demographic data.
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census. Housing Division.
    1991 New York City housing and vacancy survey. 3 vols. 1992.
    Avery Reserves - AA 7544 N48 Un3

Health Data

  • AIDS in boroughs & neighborhoods of New York City.
    Health Sciences (Latest in Reference) - RA 644 .A25 A6
  • AIDS surveillance quarterly update [NYS]. Quarterly. 1991- .
    Social Work (Latest in Reference) - RA 644 .A25 A37662
  • AIDS surveillance update [NYC]. Quarterly. 1991- .
    Health Sciences - Serial A
    Social Work - RA 644 .A25 A3767
        Provides data at ZIP code level.
  • Ambulatory care in New York City, 1984. 3 vols. 1985.
    Health Sciences Reference - RA 971 Am12 1985
        Part of the Patient Origin Information System Report Series, published by the United Hospital Fund of New York.
  • A Decade of change in New York City hospital services: a special study prepared for the New York City Congressional Delegation. 1981.
    Health Sciences Reference - RA 982 .N42 D35 1981
  • Estimates of persons living with AIDS in New York City.
    Health Sciences - RA 644.A25 E85 2000
  • Hanrieder, Barbara D.
    Characteristics of the population in New York City health areas, 1970. 4v. 1973.
    Health Sciences - HB 3527 .N48 H19 1972
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HB 3527 .N7 H36
  • Health and health care in New York City. Annual. 1983-1989.
    Health Sciences Reference - RA 407.4 .N7 H34 1984-
    Social Work - RA 407.4 .N7 H43
        Produced by the United Hospital Fund of New York, this book presents tabular data on the demographics, health status, and medical care of City residents, as well as data on health care financing.
  • Health care annual: an update on trends and facilities in New York. 1990- .
    Health Sciences (Latest in Reference) - RA 447 .N48 H33
        Continues the preceding title, Health and health care in New York City.
  • Health of the city [New York, N.Y. Dept of Health]. 1989.
    Health Sciences Reference - RA 407.4 .N7 H36 1989
    Social Work - RA 407.4 .N7 H435 1989g
        Part One of this volume contains a map of New York City Health Center Districts, followed by chapters on measuring health status over time, births, children, adults, and a look at 1988 and the future. These chapters contain 29 tables of health statistics. Part Two consists of essays on disease outbreaks, the campaign against smoking, immunization, and AIDS.
  • Inpatient hospital use in New York City, 1985. 3 vols. 1987.
    Health Sciences Reference - RA 971 .In7 1987
        Part of the Patient Origin Information System Report series, published by the United Hospital Fund of New York.
  • Lowenstein, Regina.
    Health profile of upper Manhattan. 1975.
    Lehman/Social Work Reference - HB 3527 .N7 L6
  • New York City community district vital statistics data book. Annual. 1988- .
    Health Sciences Reference - HA 730 .N42 N45
  • New York City health code. Looseleaf. 1981.
    Health Sciences Reference - KFX 2048 N42 1981
        This current, updated service contains the in force health regulations for New York City.
  • New York City health facts: a profile from the National Health Interview Survey. 1989.
    Business - RA 407.4 .N7 C36 1989
  • The New York environment book. 1990.
    Barnard, Geology, Geoscience Reserves, Health Sciences, Lehman, Lehman/Social Work Reference, Lehman/Social Work Reserves - TD 171.3 .N5 G64 1990
        Chapters on solid waste, waterways and the coast, air pollution, drinking water toxins, and suggestions for citizen involvement in cleaning up the NYC environment.
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept of Health.
    Summary of vital statistics. Annual. 1898-1973.
    Health Sciences Reference (1940-1973) - HA 730 .N42 N48
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept of Health.
    Summary of vital statistics, the City of New York. Annual. 1974- .
    Butler Stacks - HA 730 .N5 A4 (1982-1988)
    Annex - 317.8 N48191 (1964-1981)
    Health Sciences Reference - HA 730 .N42 N48
  • United Hospital Fund of New York. Profiles & trends. Annual. 1983-1985.
    Health Sciences Reference - Serial P
  • Vital statistics by health areas and health center districts. Annual. 1932- .
    Health Sciences Reference - HA 730 .N42 V83
  • Vital Statistics of New York State. Annual. 1971- .
    Butler Reference, Lehman, Social Work (Latest in Reference) - HA 544 .D46a
    Health Sciences (Latest in Reference) - HA 541 .V83
        Contains information about the live births, deaths, and fetal deaths for New York City.

Architecture & Real Estate

  • Blackburn, Anthony J.
    Housing New York City 1993. 1995.
    Avery - AA7544 N48 B56
    Lehman Reference - HD7288.N5 B56 1995g
  • Cooperative sales report ... [Real Estate Board of New York]. Annual. 1993- .
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 C78
  • Cooperative conversion digest: a survey of offering plans. 8 vols. 1981-1993.
    Avery - AA 7860 C78
        Provides building and unit descriptions for sales offerings of co-op and condominium apartments in Manhattan. Includes financial features, schedule of income and expenses, and floor some plans.
  • The Corcoran report. Semiannual. 1986- .
    Avery - AB C793
        An in-depth survey and analysis of conditions and trends in the NYC co-op and condo marketplace.
  • Cudahy, Brian J.
    Under the sidewalks of New York: the story of the greatest subway system in the world. 2nd Rev. ed. 1995.
    Avery - AA9127 N4T6 C891
    Barnard - TF847.N5 C75 1995
    Lehman Reference - TF725.N5 C8 1988 (earlier ed.)
  • Directory of Manhattan office buildings [Published and leased by TRW-REDI]. Annual.
    Avery Reserves - AA6230 C954 F (latest ed. only)
  • Downtown New York office market report [Cushman & Wakefield]. 1995- .
    Avery - AB D758
  • Fainstein, Susan S.
    The city builders: property, politics, and planning in London and New York. 1994.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 L1 F14
    College - HT 178 .G72 L56365 1994
  • Francis, Dennis Steadman.
    Architects in practice, New York City, 1840-1900. 1979.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 F844
  • Gilmartin, Gregory.
    Shaping the city: New York and the Municipal Art Society. 1994.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 G42
  • The Gordon office market report. Annual. 1986- .
    Avery - AB G67
  • Hermalyn, Gary. Landmarks of the Bronx. 1989.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 B8 H42
    Lehman Reference - F 128.68 .B8 H47 1989g
  • Lustbader, Ken.
    Preservation manual: a guide to working on New York City landmarks. 2nd ed. 1994.
    Avery - AA 107 L97
  • Manhattan office buildings ... Annual? 1983- .
    Divided by city section:
    • Downtown (latest volume)
      Avery Reference - AB M3135
    • Midtown (latest volume)
      Avery Reference - AB M3136
    • Midtown south (latest volume)
      Avery Reference - AB M3137
  • Manhattan retail space report [Garrick-Aug Associates] Annual. 1987- .
    Avery - AB M3137
  • Midtown New York office market report [Cushman & Wakefield]. Annual. 1995- .
    Avery - AA 58453
  • Midtown South New York office market report [Cushman & Wakefield]. Annual. 1995- .
    Avery - AB M5845
  • New York architects: NYC/AIA directory of architecture firms. 1991- .
    Avery Reference - AA 50 N44
        Contains information about NYC/AIA sustaining member firms, listings of professional service providers, and industry advertisements.
  • New York (N.Y.). City Planning Commision.
    Zoning Resolution. 3 vols. Looseleaf. 1994- .
    Avery Reserves - AA 9127 N4L1 N485111 F
        A current, updated record of zoning regulations for New York City; includes maps. See the Zoning Handbook, below.
  • New York (N.Y.). City Planning Commision.
    Shaping the city's future: New York City Planning and Zoning report: for public discussion, spring 1993. 1993.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 N4248
    Lehman - HT 168 .N5 N48 1993g
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Neighborhood land disposition plan. 1992-1993.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 L1 N48667
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    New York City comprehensive waterfront plan. 6 vols. 1993.
    • Plan for Lower Manhattan
      Avery - AA 9127 N4 N4249
      Ware - HT 168 .N5 N4925 1993g
    • Plan for the Bronx waterfront
      Avery - AA 9127 N4 B8 W2 N48
    • Plan for the Brooklyn waterfront
      Avery - AA 9127 N4 B7 W2 P69
    • Plan for the Manhattan waterfront
      Avery - AA 9127 N4 W2 N488
    • Plan for the Queens waterfront
      Avery - AA 9127 N4 Q3 W2 N48
    • Plan for the Staten Island waterfront
      Avery - AA 9127 N4 St2 W2 N43
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Quality housing zoning: follow-up study and textual amendments. 1992.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 N4246933
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Zoning handbook: a guide to the New York City zoning resolution. 1990.
    Avery Reserves - AA 9127 N4L1 N4866
        The Handbook helps to explain the Zoning Resolution (above); "The handbook is a guide to the development and preservation regulations enacted by the City Planning Commission and the Board of Estimate." -- Preface.
  • New York (N.Y.). Mayor (1990-1994: Dinkins).
    New York City comprehensive waterfront plan: reclaiming the city's edge.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 W2 N487
    Business - HT 168 .N5 N45 1992g
        Avery Library also has the detailed plans for each of the boroughs.
  • New York Society of Architects.
    Manual [of] New York building laws. Annual. 1926-
    Current volume in Avery Reserves - AA 1 Ar22
  • Norton, Thomas E.
    Living it up: a guide to the named apartment houses of New York. 1984.
    Avery Reference - AA 7860 N82
  • Planning A to Z: a dictionary of planning terminology. 1983.
    Avery Reference - AA 9005 P69
        Published by the NYC Dept. of City Planning, this is a dictionary of housing and planning terms and acronyms, with specific reference to NYC usage and organizations.
  • Plunz, Richard.
    A history of housing in New York City: dwelling type and social change in the American metropolis. 1990.
    Avery Reserves - AA 7544 N48 P743
    Barnard, Burgess, College Reserves - HD 7304 .N5 P54 1990
  • REBNY [Real Estate Board of New York] update. 6/year. 1990- .
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 R24
        Features the Manhattan market profile forthe following markets: Hospitality, Office, Residential, Retail.
  • Realty report. Weekly.
    Avery - AB R2331
        Library retains latest year only. Updates the sales information in the annual Manhattan Landbook, above.
  • Residential construction in Manhattan. Irregular. 1985- .
    Avery Reserves - AA 7860 R55
        Includes floor plans, maps, photos and some elevations for new multi-unit construction in the NY Metropolitan area.
  • The Select register of apartment house plans for Manhattan. 18 vols. 1985-1995.
    Avery Reserves - AA 7860 Se48D
  • Studley report & spacedata: New York. 6/year. 1985- .
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 St94
  • Ward, James.
    Architects in practice, New York City, 1900-1940.
    Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 W21

Also, see the AIA Guide to New York City and New York, a guide to the metropolis by Gerard R. Wolfe, as well as other titles in the Guides section, several housing titles in the Economic and Social Services section, and various real estate maps in the Atlases, Maps, and Views section.

Atlases, Maps, & Views

  • Atlas of the census: a portrait of New York City from the 1980 census: population and housing data by census tract. 1985.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 At65
    Lehman Reference - HA 730 .N5 A84 1985g
        The Atlas consists of computer-generated thematic maps compiled from the 1980 census. Key demographic, socioeconomic, and housing variables are presented by census tract.
  • Homberger, Eric.
    The historical atlas of New York City: a visual celebration of nearly 400 years of New York city's history. 1994.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 H74
    Butler Reference - R978 N48 H75
    Barnard Reference - F 128.3 .H65 1994   
  • Krasner, Melvin I.
    New York City community health atlas 1994. 1994.
    Health Sciences Reference - G 1254 .N4 E55 K7 1994
  • Krasner, Melvin I.
    New York City Planning health atlas. 1988.
    Barnard Reference, Health Sciences Reference, Lehman Reference - G 1254 .N4 E55 K7 1988
        Produced by the United Hospital Fund of New York, the Atlas provides tabular information on demographic characteristics, vital statistics, physician availability, and hospital utilization and resources, for the City, for Boroughs, and for neighborhoods. Neighborhoods used in the Atlas consist of adjoining zip code areas with similar characteristics, designed to approximate Community Planning Districts. The Atlas includes maps as well as tabular data.
  • Mollenkopf, John.
    New York City in the 1980's: a social, economic, and political atlas. 1993.
    Avery Reference - AA 9127 N4 So1 M73
    Barnard Reference, Butler Reference, Lehman Reference - G 1254 .N4 E1 M6 1993
  • New York boroughs [Real Estate Data, Inc.] [microform].
    Avery - Micfiche FX3 4118 [Library has current ed. only]
        Detailed maps of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and real estate sales information.
  • New York (N.Y.). City Planning Commission.
    Plan for New York City, 1969: a proposal. 6 vols. 1969.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 N42361 F
    Lehman Atlas Collection - HT 168 .N5 A52
    Ware - HT 168 .N5 A5 F
        The first volume of this set is entitled Critical Issues; each of the other five volumes is devoted to an individual Borough. The Borough volumes contain textual descriptions of neighborhoods, as well as maps, graphs, tabular data, renderings and photographs. Although the data are no longer current, the set is still very useful for researchers interested in doing work at the neighborhood level. The maps in particular are excellent. This is the best place at Columbia to find detailed aerial photographs of the City. The work might be better served by the title, "An Atlas of the City of New York".
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.
    Sectional maps of New York City. 1982.
    Avery Reference - AA 9127 N4 N48871
  • New York (N.Y.). Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development. Urban Renewal Unit.
    Atlas of urban renewal project areas in the City of New York. 2 vols. 1988.
    Avery - AA 9127 N4 Ur1 N48443 F
  • Photographic views of New York City from the New York City Public Library [microform]. 1981.
    Avery - Micfiche FX3 939
        A microfiche set of photographs of NYC, from the 1870's to the 1970's. The index to the set (Avery Reference - AA 735 N4 In24) contains: v.1, Street index; v.2, Building index; v.3, Subject index.
  • Sanborn Map Company.
    Fire insurance maps, New York [microform].
    Avery - Microfilm Fa7772
    Avery - Microfilm F d4417
        Created originally for the fire insurance industry, Sanborn maps provide highly detailed information on such building features as size and shape, construction details, occupancy, street addresses, and often the date of construction. Sanborn maps are particularly useful for identifying buildings and neighborhoods at various periods in history, and for tracing changes in those buildings and neighborhoods over time. Avery Library has Sanborn maps for New York State, including NYC, from the late 19th century to 1990.
  • Sanborn Manhattan land book of the City of New York. Annual.
    Avery Reserves - AB Sa56
        Note: Library retains latest edition only. Source for the most current detailed maps of Manhattan, as well as sales information. See New York Boroughs in the Atlases, Maps, and Views section for current, but less detailed maps of the other Boroughs.
  • U.S. Bureau of the Census.
    Urban atlas: tract data for standard metropolitan statistical areas. 1975.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 Un34
    Lehman Atlas Collection - G 1252 .N4 E25 U5 1975
        This atlas is published in separate parts for each metropolitan area in the United States. The Lehman Library copy occupies a wooden atlas stand located against the wall near the second floor Atlas Collection.
  • Von Pressentin Wright, Carol.
    New York : atlas of Manhattan, maps, and plans. 1991.
    Avery - AA735 N4 1991 V89

Also, see A Guide to Historical Map Resources for Greater New York by Jeffrey A. Kroesssler in the Guides section, and Manhattan Landbook in the Architecture and Real Estate section.

The Power of the Press

Local Newspapers

  • Butler Library. Microforms Reading Room.
    18th - 20th Century Newspapers of the United States. 1995.
    Butler Reference - R016.071 B93
    Lehman Reference, Microform Reading Room - Z 6945 .B95 1995g
        This publication is a valuable and easy-to-use starting point in identifying the New York City papers available in Columbia's Microforms reading room, although researchers will need to check further in the various published guides, such as Newspapers in Microform (available at several library reference desks), as well as in the card catalogs and CLIO.
  • Lehman Library subscribes to the following local newspapers:
    • New York Times
    • Wall Street Journal
  • Butler Library subscribes to the following local newspapers:
    • Amsterdam News
    • City Sun
    • Daily News
    • New York Post
    • New York Times
    • Village Voice
    • Wall Street Journal
  • The Business Library subscribes to:
    • Barron's
    • Crain's New York Business
    • Wall Street Journal
  • Subscriptions to the New York Times (in both paper and microfilm) are received in the Barnard, Butler, and Lehman libraries. Printed indexes to the New York Times are located in those libraries as well. See the Indexes and Abstracts section for more complete listings of newspaper indexes.
  • Many New York metropolitan area newspapers are now available full text on the web.
  • Indexing to ethnic newspapers is available on the CD-LAN, located in many of the campus libraries, through a CD-ROM product:
    • Ethnic Newswatch
      Indexes many ethnic newspapers in the United States, including several in New York City.


  • City limits. Monthly. 1978- .
    Avery - AA 7545 C51
        A hard-hitting investigative journal which reports on urban issues in New York City. Topics covered include: corruption in the city and the unions, economic development, the environment, the homeless, housing, public health, urban activism.
  • The City journal. Quarterly. 1990- .
    Lehman - F 128.1 .N81
        The focus here is on the problems which plague NYC -- and new ways to approach them. Recent issues contained articles on welfare, property taxes, rent control, and neighborhoods.
  • Empire state report: politics, policy and the business of government. Monthly. 1992- .
    Barnard, Lehman - JK 3401 .E465
        Although this journal is about the entire State, much of its content is devoted to New York city issues.
  • New York. Weekly. 1974- .
    Butler - F 128.1 .N4
  • New York affairs. Quarterly. 1973-1988.
    Avery - AA 735 N4 N418
    Lehman - HN 80 .N5 N52
        Although publication has ceased, this journal presented results of studies and reports on problems and issues of importance to all New Yorkers -- those items which received front-page attention in the New York Times one day, then disappeared from public view, only to resurface again as yet another scandal or election issue.
  • Oculus. Monthly. 1938- .
    Avery - AB Oc9
        Published by the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, a journal "on current New York architecture."
  • Van Every, Edward.
    Sins of New York, as "exposed" by the Police Gazette. 1930.
    Butler Stacks, College - 978 N48 V289
    Lehman - HV 6201 .N23
    Rare Book - Kilroe 1930 V28
        An amusing "history" of the City as seen through the eyes of the Police Gazette, 1845-1930, with 120 reproductions of the original woodcut illustrations.

Libraries & Information Centers

  • Avery Library
    The Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, 200 Avery, maintains a rich collection of materials on New York City, including old and new atlases, viewbooks, architectural plans and drawings, and books on New York City architecture, historic preservation, housing, zoning, city planning, urban design, and real estate development. Avery also houses a large collection of documents from the New York City Dept. of City Planning and the Landmarks Preservation Commission, as well as guidebooks to New York, photographic views on microfiche, and uncatalogued apartment house brochures. The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals is produced by the reference staff of Avery Library.
        Staff of the Avery Library also have produced two very useful guides, both of which are available at the Avery Reference Desk:
  • Butler Library
    Butler Library, the main library of Columbia Unversity, contains materials about the history and cultural life of New York City. The Rare Book and Manuscript Library, on the sixth floor, owns several collections dealing with the history of the city and its institutions. The Columbia Center for Oral History, 801 Butler, includes memoirs of many prominent New Yorkers.
  • Documents Service Center
    The Documents Service Center [DSC], Room 327 of the SIA Building, is a selective depository for U.S. federal documents, acquiring about 70% of the items offered to depository libraries. Included in this material are publications of the Bureau of the Census, dating back to the first decennial census in 1790, through the 1990 census. In addition, there are periodic special censuses, both by category and within a specific geographic area. Some of this material is not cataloged and therefore cannot be located through CLIO, and is not listed on this handout. Census data at Columbia come in a variety of formats, including microfilm, microfiche, bound volumes, CD-ROM's, and magnetic tapes. Special tools and trained staff at the Lehman Reference Desk can assist you in locating the information you need, whether in documents or other materials.
  • Electronic Data Service
    The Electronic Data Service (EDS) is located in Room 205 of the SIA Building. Staff will help you identify and locate large numeric data sets. Most data are on magnetic tape and can be accessed through accounts on Columbia's mainframe computers. EDS staff can provide advice on data extraction and the use of computer software for data analysis. Beginning with the 1990 decennial census, data are available on CD-ROMs located in EDS. Staff can help with data extraction from CD-ROMs as well. For more information call 854-3064 or send e-mail to
  • Lehman Library
    The Lehman Library occupies the second and third floors of the SIA Building. The Social Work Collection contains materials on social services and agencies in New York City, dating back to the nineteenth century, including complete collections of publications of many of the prominent social service agencies in the city. The Lehman Library includes most social sciences materials in the Columbia University Libraries since the 1970's. Room 213 in the Lehman Library is the University's map room. It contains over 100,000 map sheets, among which are dozens of New York City. The New York City map collection includes maps of various scales, vintages, and types: topographic, physical, historical, land use, aerial photography, political, census, nautical charts, and thematic.
  • Municipal Archives of New York City
    Located at 31 Chambers St. (566-4284), the Municipal Archives is the City's official information reference and research center. It is one of the best sources for published information on and about New York City's history, its government, all city agencies and prominent public officials. Its collection of over 250,000 volumes includes city, state and federal documents, reports, rules and regulations, bills, laws, and ordinances.
        It is the only depository for New York City agency publications.
  • Museum of the City of New York
    Located on Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street (534-1672), the Museum collects materials about New York City dating back to the early Dutch settlements.
  • National Archives and Records Administration Northeast Region (New York City)
    NARA's Northeast Region office, located at 201 Varick Street (337-1300), has more than 63,000 cubic feet of archival holdings dating from 1685 to the 1980s, including textual documents, photographs, maps, and architectural drawings. These archival holdings were created or received by the Federal courts and over 60 Federal agencies in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Federal law requires that agencies transfer permanently valuable, noncurrent records to NARA. Subjects covered include early politics, the evolution of Federal courts, Constitutional rights, sectional conflict, the Civil War, immigration through Castle Garden and Ellis Island, Chinese exclusion, economic development, business, organized crime, invention, the arts, censorship, World Wars I and II, the New Deal, and the Cold War. Historic names in the files include Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Samuel Colt, Susan B. Anthony, Charles Goodyear, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, the Lusitania, the Titanic, Emma Goldman, Marcus Garvey, Adam Clayton Powell, Dutch Schultz, Jimmy Hoffa, the Rosenbergs, and Alger Hiss.
  • New York Public Library
    The Central Research Library of the New York Public Library, on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street (930-0800), is a major resource for the study of New York City, both past and present. Nearly all of the materials listed in this guide, and much more, can be found in either the Central Research Library or one of the specialized libraries like the Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center (111 Amsterdam Avenue, 870-1657), the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture (515 Lenox Avenue, 491-220) the Mid-Manhattan Library (455 Fifth Avenue, 340-0863), or the Science, Industry, and Business on Madison Avenue.
  • New York Historical Society
    Located at 170 Central Park West (873-3400), the library of the Society specializes in New York City history, with an emphasis on pre-20th century materials.
  • New York Transit Museum Archives
    Located at 130 Livingston Street in Brooklyn (718-694-1068), across the street from the Museum itself, the Archives collections include administrative files, engineering and architectural drawings, photographic prints and negatives, media, journals, reports, and documents, relating to the New York City Transit system.

For Further Reading About New York City

Books listed at the sites below may be available at Columbia University Libraries. Consult CLIO for details.