New York State Census

New York State conducted population censuses in 1808, 1814, and 1822, although not all counties completed the census. From 1825 to 1925 censuses were usually taken at ten year intervals. Results for these censuses were not always published, so the information may still reside in the individual county clerks' offices.

This guide will provide location information for those New York State census publications at Columbia University Libraries and links to the full text of censuses, either from the Library of Michigan or from the New York State Library Digital Collections.

  • New York State Census Records, 1790-1925
    This publication, compiled in 1981 by New York State Library staff members Marilyn Douglas and Melinda Yates, contains an inventory of federal and state census manuscripts and microfilm holdings in repositories throughout New York State. A list of the questions asked on state population schedules (1825-1925) is included on pages 48-49. A survey of the data included on the federal census special schedules is also included. This publication contains additional information about statistical census records, a "Genealogy of New York State Counties" chart that shows when and how counties were formed, etc. Although some of the information in this publication is a bit outdated, such as the inventory of New York State Library federal and state census holdings, it is still a good reference source.

Censuses are listed in chronological order: