Microform Collections of Primary Sources Relating to Women

This is a selective list of microform collections at Columbia & Barnard, which contain significant material related to women. There are many more collections (the Abraham Lincoln papers, for instance) which contain material related to women, but which are not included for reasons of space. This list also does not include the significant holdings of the Center for Research Libraries, which are available through Interlibrary loan. Please see a reference librarian for assistance in locating additional primary sources on microform.

  • Abolition and Emancipation MRR Fd 4023.
    Part 1. Papers of Thomas Clarkson, William Lloyd Garrison, Zachary Macaulay, Harriet Martineau, Harriet Beacher Stowe, and William Wilberforce from the Huntington Library. 9 reels.

  • American Women's Diaries. New England Women. MRR Fa 5515
    Ruth Henshaw Bascom (1789-1846) 3 reels
    Abigail Gardner Drew (1799-1817). Hannah Davis Gale (1837-1838). Louisa Adams Park (1800-1801). Sally Ripley (1799-1801 & 1805- 1809). Martha (Patty) Rogers (1785) 1 reel
    Susan E.P.B. Forbes (1841-1908) 11 reels
    Caroline Barrett White (1849- 1915) 6 reels.

  • American Women's Diaries. Southern women. MRR Fb 8987
    Sarah H. Gayle (1827-1835) 1 reel
    Martha E.F. Crawford (1846-1881) 1 reel
    Sarah I.F.M. Dawson (1862-1865). Harriet T. McLellan (1864-1869) 1 reel
    Grace L. Whittle (1855-1861). Cloe T.W. Greene (1855-1873) 5 reels
    Dolly S.L. Burge (1847-1879). Louisiana D. Burge (1860-1861). Sarah B. Gray (1874) 1 reel
    Ada W. Bacot (1860-1863) 1 reel
    Mary D. Brown (1855-1901). Mary Hort (1834-1863) 1 reel
    Priscilla B. McKaig (1851-1866). 1 reel
    Zillah H. Brandon (1855-1871). Frances J.B. Robertson (1851-1874) 1 reel
    Elizabeth W.A. Pringle (1861-1889) 4 reels.
    K.S. Carney (TS; MS 1859-62) (Ms 1876). A. Ready (Transcript) (MS 1860-62) 1 reel
    C.E. Clitherall & family history (TS 1751-1860) 2 reels
    S.A.G. Crawford (1839-40, 1849, 1853-54) 1 reel
    H. Eaton (1853-64). E.F. LeConte (TS; MS 1864- 65). E. Mordecai (TS; MS 1864-65) 1 reel
    M.D.H. Howell (1873). S. Huff (1887-91). M.J. McCreary (1895-96) 1 reel
    E.H. Jackson (TS 1864-65, 1869-70) (MS 1864-65, 1869-81, 1881-92, 1893-1925) 5 reels
    J.A.A. Lines (1851) (1855-66) (1871) 1 reel.
    Kate Cumming (1863-1900) 1 reel
    Cornelia Jackson Moore (1894; 1917-1919) 1 reel
    Louisa Maxwell Holmes Cocke (1816-1843) 3 reels.

  • Americans for Democratic Action. MRR Fa 2751.
    Americans for Democratic Action Papers, 1932-1965. 142 reels.

  • Archives of the British Labour Party. MRR FX3 225
    Ser. I. National Executive Committee minutes, pts. 1-5, 1900-1950 ser. I. National Executive Committee minutes, pts. 6-8, 1960-1967 inclusive. Ser. II. Pamphlets and leaflets of the Labour Representation Committee, 1900-1906 and the Labour Party since 1906. section 1. Pamphlets and leaflets, 1900-1906. Ser. III, pt. 4. The Woman's Labour League, 1906-1918. Published Guide in MRR.

  • Barnett, Claude A., 1890- . MRR Fa 8069.
    Part 1. Associated Negro Press news releases, 1928-1964. 83 reels. Part 2. Associated Negro Press organizational files, 1920-1966. 24 reels. Part 3. Subject files on Black Americans, 1918-1967. 115 reels.

  • Bethune, Mary McLeod. MRR F d6166
    Mary McLeod Bethune papers, the Bethune Foundation Collection. pt. 1. Writings, diaries, scrapbooks, biographical materials, and files on the National Youth Administration and women's organizations, 1918-1955 (19 reels) pt. 2. Correspondence files, 1914-1955 (17 reels).

  • Black abolitionist papers, 1830-1865. MRR Fd 4293.
    17 reels.

  • Black workers in the era of the great migration, 1916-1929. MRR Fd 6165
    "The First World War, known as the Era of the Great Migration to students of the African-American experience, saw a dramatic black migration from the rural South to urban centers in the industrialized North. Although many factors were involved, the acute labor shortage that plagued basic industries encouraged thousands of black families to make this transition "from plantation to ghetto." In doing so, they transformed the traditionally southern issue of race relations into a national issue. The First World War was also an era of dramatically extended government control over the national economy. Several basic industries vital to the war effort fell under federal control. Since this coincided with the northward migration of black workers and their families, the records compiled by these wartime agencies focus both on the operations and labor conditions of several vital industries and on black workers. Furthermore, there are extensive records from the 1920s in the files of departments and agencies that continued to study black workers; these records originated at the Department of Labor, the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, and the U.S. Census Bureau, to name just a few sources." --guide

  • Committee of Fifteen Records, 1900-1901. MRR Fd4752.
    The Committee of Fifteen, a New York City citizen group established in November 1900, advocated for the elimination of prostitution and gambling. The Committee hired investigators who visited city locations such as bars, pool halls, dance halls, "disorderly houses", and tenements during 1901. They posed as clients to determine where prostitution took place and filed reports on each site. This collection includes affidavits and investigators' reports, arranged by police precinct and street address. Many reports included the name, age and address of the investigator, his date of visit, address of the building, description of the activity at that site, the investigator's action, amount of money paid, the name, physical desciption and ethnic background of the prostitute or other persons present, along with general remarks. The collection also includes 258 letters of the New York City Department of Health on the location of "disorderly houses", letters relating to police protection and corruption of city officials, 26 scrapbooks of press clippings about New York City politics, police and vice, typed abstracts of the events of the day, and a typescript of the defense testimony of the trial of Police Captain John D. Herlihy. 17 reels.

  • Federal Writers Project. MRR Fx 1329.
    Typescript (photocopy) of interviews. A life history of those being interviewed. 220 microfiche.

  • Les Femmes: Rare Works from France. MRR FX3 1189.
    A microfiche collection of material from the Bibliotheque Nationale. Guide in MRR.

  • Gannett, Betty. 1907-1970. MRR Fa2914.
    A New Yorker and lifelong member of the Communist Party USA, who was convicted in 1953 of conspiracy to advocate the overthrow of the government. After serving a two year sentence, she continued to serve as a full-time functionary of the Communist party in several capacities including that of an organizational secretary, and as national education director of the party. 17 reels

  • Japanese Camp Papers. East Asian In Process AMK7838
    Contains variety of newsletters and newspapers published from 1942 to 1945 in camps in various locations by interned Japanese Americans.

  • Ladies of LLangollen. MRR Fd 4102
    Letters and journals of Lady Eleanor Butler (1739-1829) and Sarah Ponsonby (1755- 1831) from the National Library of Wales. "In 1778 the two women eloped to set up a new life together in Plas Newydd in Llangollen Vale. The move met with strong opposition from their respective families, but their new Gothic residence soon became a magnet for writers and intellectuals. The collection includes accounts of their escape from their homes in Ireland; commonplace books; reading notes; records of vistors; manuscript poetry; and correspondence with friends and contemporaries such as Henrietta Bowdler, Lady Bury, Mrs. O'Connell, Anna Seward, Sir Walter Scott, William Wordsworth." --guide. 5 reels

  • League of Women Voters, 1918-1974.
    Papers of the League of Women Voters, 1918-1974.
    pt. I. Meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committees: minutes and related documents, 1918-1974 (14 reels)
    pt. II, series A: Transcripts and records of National Conventions, 1919-1944, and of General Councils, 1927-1943 (20 reels) -- pt. II, series B: Transcripts and records of National Conventions, 1946-1974, and of General Councils, 1945-1973 (30 reels)
    pt. III, series A: National office subject files, 1920-1932 (34 reels).

  • Martineau, Harriet, 1802-1876. MRR Fd 2312.
    Women, emancipation and literature: the papers of Harriet Martineau, from Birmingham University Library. 17 reels.

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.MRR Fa 7476.
    Papers of the NAACP. Pt.1. Meetings of the Board of Directors, records of annual conferences, major speeches, and special reports, 1909-1950 (reels 1-28) Pt. 2. Personal correspondence of selected NAACP officials, 1919-1939 (reels 1-20). Pt. 3. The campaign for educational equality: legal department and central office records, 1913-1950. Series A: Legal department and central office records, 1913-1940 (reels 1-24). Series B: legal department and central office records, 1940-1950 (reels 1-19).

  • National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1895-1992. MRR Fd 6160
    Records. pt. 1. Minutes of national conventions, publications, and president's office correspondence (26 reels) pt. 2. President's office files, 1958-1968 (15 reels).

  • National Woman's Party Papers, 1913-1974. MRR Fa3526.
    Accompanied by a guide by Thomas C. Pardo (661p.) 179 reels.

  • Pamphets in American History; Women. MRR.
    More than 650 pamphlets dealing with women; including pro and anti-suffrage tracts, sermons, and speeches. Completely cataloged in CLIO. For discussions of women and labor, see the collection of more than 2000 labor pamphlets, Pamphlets in American History; Labor.

  • Pankhurst, E. Sylvia (Estelle Sylvia), 1882-1960 MRR Fd 2311
    Women, suffrage, and politics: the papers of Sylvia Pankhurst from the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam. 37 reels.

  • Republican Party, 1854- . MRR Fb 5262
    Papers of the Republican Party. Part 1. Meetings of the Republican National Committee, 1911-1980. Series A, 1911-1960. Series B, 1960-1980. Part 2. Reports and memoranda of the Research Division of the Headquarters of the Republican National Committee, 1938-1980. 51 reels.

  • Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962. MRR Fb 1371
    Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, 1933-1945. 20 reels.

  • Sharples, Ellen. MRR Fd 5670
    Material relating to Ellen Sharples and her family, 1794-1854: from Bristol Central Library and Bristol Record Office. reel 1. The diary of Ellen Sharples, 1803-1836. The letter book of Ellen Sharples, 1840-1845. Personal & legal papers relating to the family of James & Ellen Sharples, 1794-1854 reel 2. Personal & legal papers relating to the family of James & Ellen Sharples, 1794-1854.

  • Socialist Party of America Papers, 1897-1963. MRR
    Series 1. National office papers, 1897-1962. Series 2. Youth and Young People's Socialist League papers, 1915-1963. Series 3. State and local files, 1897-1962. Series 4. Related organizational files, 1913-1962. Series 5. Printed material, 1897-1964. Addendum. 142 reels.

  • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Commitee (SNCC)Papers, 1959-1972. MRR Fa 3858.
    The SNCC Papers are divided into three main subgroups; Subgroup A. Atlanta Office, 1959-1972; Subgroup B. New York Office, 1960-1969; Subgroup C. Washington Office, 1960-1968 ... with smal subgroups of Records of Undetermined Provenance, 1960-1968, followed by three appendices: the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Papers, 1961-1972; the Michael Kenney papers, 1963-1969; and the William Porter Papers, 1960-1968." Accompanied by a guide. 72 reels.

  • Temperance and Prohibition Papers. MRR Fa 2687.
    Women's Christian Temperance Union, 7 reels. Union Signal, 8 reels. Anit-Saloon League of America, 2 reels. Standard Encyclopedia of the Alcohol Problem, 1 reel.

  • Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941. MRR Fa8143.
    The Virginia Woolf manuscripts from the Monk's House papers at the University of Sussex. 6 reels.

  • Women Advising Women. MRR Fd4033
    Pt 1. Early women's journals, c1700-1832. 69 reels. Pt 2. Advice books, manuals, almanacs, and journals, c1625-1837. 20 reels. All from the Bodleian Library, and all listed in CLIO.

  • Women and Victorian values, 1837-1910 MRR Fd 4761.
    advice books, manuals, and journals for women : parts 1-4, Sources from the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 85 reels.