Social Sciences

General Resources

  • Fourth World Conference on Women
    News, information, and background on the United Nation's Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace held 4-15 September, 1995, in Beijing, China. This web page hasn't been updated since 1996, so many of the links are dead. But there are still some active links to full text documents about the 1995 conference.
  • U.S. Department of Labor - Women's Bureau
    The DOL Women's Bureau is the single unit at the Federal government level exclusively concerned with serving and promoting the interests of working women. Central to its mission is the responsibility to advocate and inform women directly and the public as well, of women's work rights and employment issues.
  • WomensNet
    WomensNet is a global community of women, activists and organizations using computer networks for information sharing, broadcast and collaboration with the intent of increasing women's rights.
  • WSSLINKS: Women and Politics
    ACRL's Women's Studies Section page on Politics and Women. This page has an extensive list of organizations, institutes and research centers, in addition to other links.

Bisexual, Gay, & Lesbian on the Web

Search Engines and Directories:

  • Searchable Lesbian Links
    From, this site provides a topical arrangement of sites. In addition, using WWWomen's search engine, you can search the Web.
  • Rainbow Query
    Can search the Web, or look by category, for gay and lesbian sites.


  • Gay and Lesbian Politics: WWW and Internet Resources
    Provides resouces from antigay sources as well as those with progay affiliations.
  • The Lesbian History Project
    Provides access to lesbian history on the Internet. Supports efforts to gather, record, publicize and preserve work on lesbian history in any time period or geographic area. Special projects include: The Lesbians of Color Web Site and Southern California Lesbian History.
  • The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
    Located in New York City, the Center produces many health-related, civic, and cultural programs and has "...New York City's largest gay and lesbian lending library..." and the National Museum and Archive of Lesbian and Gay History.
  • Out of the Past : 400 Years of Lesbian and Gay History in American
    A documentary site, based on the film. Out of the Past. The web site provides a chronology of events concerning gays and lesbians in the United States, as well as a list of both print and internet resources about gay and lesbian history and issues.
  • Queer Resources Directory
    The QRD is an electronic library with news clippings, political contact information, newsletters, essays, images, and every other kind of information resource of interest to the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual community. Information is stored for the use of casual network users and serious researchers alike.
  • WSSLINKS : Lesbian Links
    A huge directory of links: Comprehensive sites, Discussion Lists, Search Engines, Bisexual Sites, Transgender Sites, etc.

Reproductive & Sexual Issues on the Web

  • Alan Guttmacher Institute
    The AGI mission is to "protect and expand the reproductive choices of all women and men."
  • Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
    The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP) is a non-profit legal and policy advocacy organization dedicated to promoting women's reproductive rights.
  • National Right to Life Committee
    National Right to Life is the nation's largest pro-life group.
  • Planned Parenthood
    Planned Parenthood was founded in 1916 and is one of the largest and oldest voluntary family planning organizations. "Planned Parenthood is dedicated to the principles that every individual has a fundamental right to decide when or whether to have a child..." The site links to fact sheets and statistics about reproductive issues. It also has information about sexual health, how to contact Congress, and finding local health centers.