Columbia University Libraries Announces Research Awards Winners
NEW YORK, May 5, 2014 –

Columbia University Libraries/Information Services is pleased to announce the ten recipients of the 2014 Libraries Research Awards. The Libraries Research Awards program, established in 2011, provides $2,500 grants to facilitate access to Columbia's special and unique collections.  

Grants were awarded on a competitive basis to scholars whose research proposals demonstrated a compelling need to consult Columbia University Libraries holdings for their work.  Participating libraries and special collections include: Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, Rare Book & Manuscript Library (RBML), and C. V. Starr East Asian Library.

This year’s awardees, projects, and collections of interest are:

Heather L. Braun, Assistant Professor, University of Akron
Project: The Victorian Doppelgänger
Collections: RBML; Otto Rank papers.

Jayne G. Cosson, Graduate Student, American University
Project: The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: The Origins of Think Tank Influence in United States Foreign Policy
Collections: RBML; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace records, Nicholas Murray Butler papers and John Bates Clark papers, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching records, and Carnegie Corporation records.

Scott Libson, Graduate Student, Emory University
Project: The Christianization of Capital: The Business of Mission Movement Fundraising, 1865-1929
Research Report: Tainted Money, Sanctified Wealth: The Business of Mission Movement Fundraising, 1865-1929
Collections: Burke; Missionary Research Library Archive.

James Loeffler, Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia
Project: “The Vanishing Minority: The Forgotten Story of Human Rights as Jewish Politics”
Collections: RBML; Amnesty International of the USA, Inc. records and Oral History Archive, including histories of Joseph Proskauer, Jacob Blaustein, and Maurice Perlzweig.

Minkah Makalani, Assistant Professor of African & African Diaspora Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Project: Calypso Conquered the World: C. L. R. James and the Politically Unimaginable in the Trinidadian Postcolony
Collections: RBML; C.L.R. James papers, Constance Webb papers, C.L.R. James Institute records, and Darcus Howe papers.

Michael McVicar, Assistant Professor of American Religious History, Florida State University
Project: Constructing the American Right-Wing: Religion, Domestic Intelligence Gathering, and the Making of Conservatism in the United States
Collections: RBML; Americans United Subject Files, Bureau of Applied Social Research records, Center for the Study of Human Rights records, Group Research, Inc. records, Richard Hofstadter papers, The New Leader records, and Pulitzer Prizes collection.

Katherine Ann Miller, Graduate Student, University of Virginia
Project: The Office of the Supervising Architect: Transforming American Architectural Practice, 1852-1862
Collections: Avery; Richard Upjohn, Martin Thompson, James Renwick, Jr., and Alexander Jackson Davis collections.

Andrea Nichols, Graduate Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Project: Dissertation research on English printed chronicles and annals from the late fifteenth up to early seventeenth century
Collections: RBML and Burke; eight English chronicles by Thomas Cooper and John Stow.

Olaf Lewis Recktenwald, Graduate Student, McGill University
Project: Dissertation research on the architecture of eighteenth-century rocaille ornamental engravings
Collections: Avery; original books of ornament and plates of François de Cuvilliés, Jacques de Lajoue, Franz Xaver Habermann, and Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier.

K. Kale Yu, Assistant Professor of History, Nyack College
Project: Conceiving a Religious and Social Movement: Henry G. Appenzeller in Late Nineteenth Century Korea.
Collections: Starr; late nineteenth-century periodicals and Burke, Missionary Research Library Archive, Henry G. Appenzeller papers.

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