Library Materials Selector Responsibilities

  1. Materials Selection
    1. Regularly reviews publishers catalogs and other key selection tools; processes approval books, firm orders, and reviews gifts following standard procedures in a timely manner.
    2. When applicable, monitors performance of approval and/or blanket order plans and provides feedback to vendors.
    3. Identifies and reviews electronic resources (stand alone, LAN, or networked) in subject areas on a regular basis. Identifies content for and maintains web page currency and viability as a research tool.
    4. Recommends and prepares documentation for new electronic resource requests and works with the appropriate committees to acquire them.
  2. Liaison Responsibilities
    1. Annually meets with the appropriate departmental representatives to inform them about library resources, resolve problems, and learn about program needs.
    2. Annually contacts new faculty who join the department and new doctoral students as appropriate.
    3. Works as needed with other library departments/units to resolve routine collection development problems using established procedures and to communicate the needs and problems of the user community.
    4. Effectively publicizes electronic resources (acquired by the library) to users. Provides appropriate links (on pages) to relevant departmental resources.
  3. Fund Management Responsibilities
    1. Monitors fund accounts, identifies and reports fiscal discrepancies to the appropriate people.
    2. Stays within the budget guidelines.
    3. Submits well-developed library fund requests on time.
  4. Preservation Responsibilities
    Does routine weeding, binding, repair and replacement of volumes for collection maintenance.