General Science

A. Purpose and Program Description

The Libraries seek to support research and instruction in basic science or "science for the non-scientist." It also collects materials in areas where no formal science programs exist and in materials which are multi-disciplinary. It supports the needs of undergraduates, graduates and Ph.D. students, the teaching faculty, post-docs, researchers and staff members.

Courses dealing with theories of chaos, the "big bang," and the era of dinosaurs were introduced in the 1990s. Areas of established specialization are scientific materials for laymen, the history of science and technology, biographies of scientists, and multi-disciplinary magazines and journals.

B. General Selection Guidelines (see classed analysis for detailed statement)

Overall, the Libraries’ existing collection, its current acquisitions commitment, based upon available resources, and its collecting goal for General Science are all at the study and teaching level.

C. Specific Delimitations

  1. Formats collected: We collect annuals, monographs, periodicals, reference tools and scholarly series extensively and audio-visual material, CD-Roms and other electronic tools, textbooks and dissertations selectively. We do not presently collect maps and newspapers relating to General Science.
  2. Imprint Dates Collected: We collect current publications and twentieth-century materials extensively. Nineteenth-century materials and earlier materials are collected selectively.
  3. Chronological Focus: We collect materials focusing on current and earlier twentieth-century topics extensively. Nineteenth-century and earlier topics are collected selectively.
  4. Languages Collected: We collect English language materials extensively and all others selectively.
  5. Place of Publication: We collect North American and Western European materials extensively and materials published elsewhere selectively.