Room Reservations Policy

Group Study & Presentation Practice Rooms

The Room Reservation system allows current Columbia and Barnard students to reserve a room for collaborative group study and/or presentation practice from any of the following library locations:

  • Butler Library (4th Floor)
  • Lehman Social Sciences Library (SIPA 3rd Floor)
  • Science & Engineering Library (Northwest Corner Building - upper level of library)


  1. Group Study and Presentation Practice Rooms are for use by current Columbia and Barnard students. A group is defined as two or more students.
  2. An individual may use a room on a walk-in basis only if the room has no active reservation. Individual users must vacate the room when requested by a group with proof of valid registration.
  3. These rooms are intended only for collaborative study and/or presentation practice; they ARE NOT for meetings, classes, TA office hours, or other non-study uses.
  4. These rooms are available for reservation during times when their respective Library is open.
  5. Reservations can only be made up to two weeks in advance.
  6. Reservations can only be scheduled by an individual (UNI required) in half-hour increments up to two hours per day per library location, up to 6 hours total per week per library location.
    • A one week period is defined as midnight Sunday through 11:59pm Saturday.
  7. Proof of registration is required. Please print or have electronic access to your room reservation confirmation email. Be prepared to show proof of registration at any time during your reserved time slot.
  8. A group that is 15 minutes late forfeits the reservation.
  9. Please respect your fellow students; keep noise to a minimum.
  10. Remove all belongings and dispose of trash when you leave so it is ready for the next group.


Please contact individual libraries with questions about specific locations.