Digital Library Seminar Series: 2005-06-03


Integrating Libraries & Electronic Publishing: The DART Project

Speaker 1

Ann Miller

Affiliation 1

Editor, Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), Columbia University

Speaker 2

David Millman

Affiliation 2

Director, Research & Development Group, Academic Information Systems (AcIS), Columbia University

Speaker 3

Kate Wittenberg

Affiliation 3

Director, Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), Columbia University


The Digital Anthropology Resources for Teaching (DART) project integrates the content acquisition and standardized cataloguing initiatives of a federated digital repository with the development of scholarly publications and the creation of digital tools to facilitate classroom teaching. A product of EPIC (Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia), DART is being developed as an integration of the traditional perspectives and roles of the library and scholarly publisher.

In our briefing, we will discuss the DART project’s editorial and educational strategies, as well as its technical architecture, including its integrated implementation of repository and electronic publishing initiatives. We will then discuss some of the issues raised by our approach, including metadata, detailed object referral, rights management, and services to external systems. We will conclude with some comments about plans for future work, specifically with regard to faculty and student needs in this field and our evaluation of their use of the project.






11:00 AM-12:30 PM


203 Butler Library, Morningside Heights Campus, Columbia University


PowerPoint [3 MB]