Daily Request Report

RBML, in consultation with LITO, designed a method to track daily requests and shipments of collections. This way staff have a dynamically updated list of requests and confirmation of shipment from ReCAP. Currently the Daily Request Report lists two sets of data for requests and shipments. Inside each folder are subsets organized by customer code. Folders are populated by the customer code chosen for delivery location. RBML staff use customer codes: CS, RH, RS and OH for delivery.


The Daily Request Report is a publicly accessible link.

The two main folders contain data on requests and shipments organized by customer code and date.


Select folder with appropriate customer code. RBML customer codes include OH, RH, RS, and UA.

Data updates daily. Log retains 10-day backfile.


Sub-folders are listed by sequential date. e.g. 12222009 = Dec. 12, 2009.

"Size" indate number of bytes, not request volume.


Requests columnar data include: Customer Code, Barcode, BIB Key, Date (Y.M.D) and Time (H:M:S).

All barcodes have been confirmed requested. They are not necessarily available for request. If not available, a failure notice email will be sent the following day.


Shipment columnar data include: Customer Code and Barcode

All barcodes are expected to have arrived.


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias: recap@library.columbia.edu

ReCAP Access Supervisor: Holly Kozlowski

Phone: (212) 851-5621

E-mail: hmk2124@columbia.edu