Delivery Options / Default Delivery Locations

Delivery options are the locations where staff or patrons may request a physical delivery.  The delivery options are displayed in a drop-down menu on the REQUEST IT from Offsite webform.  To set the delivery option users must click on the radio button for "Item to Library" and then select on option from the "Preferred Campus Delivery Location" drop-down menu.  Content in the drop-down menu loads according to both CLIO location and request mechanism.  In general, patrons have delivery options limited to regular circulation desks; staff have more options including processing units and restricted access areas.

The default display in the drop-down menu is the owning library.  This is not to be confused with the default delivery location.  Default display applies only to the initial location that displays in the drop-down menu.  See below in the off,glx display example.

Default delivery location is automatically assigned in case an EDD request fails.  It does not display on the REQUEST IT from Offsite webform.  If binding is too tight or text block damaged, the volume will be physically delivered to the default (owning) location.  Patrons are notified by e-mail when the item is available for consultation.


Drop-down menu options/Default delivery location: Master list of in-house encoding for drop-down menu options and default delivery locations.  Lists all encoding according to CLIO location and request mechanism.

The example to the right illustrates the encoding for CLIO location off,fax in the Mediated Request mechanism.

The top circle identifies the CLIO location, off,fax.

The second circle identifies the default delivery location.  This is the customer code commonly associated with the CLIO location.  It is AR for Avery Library general collections at ReCAP.  If an EDD request fails, the book will be physically delivery to the Avery Library Circulation Desk.

Following the default delivery location is the list of delivery options that will load in the drop-down menu.  The Mediated Request mechanism locations include staff processing, such as Bibliographic Control (BC) and Monographic Recon (MP).

The third circle identifies the default display.  This is the option that initially displays in the drop-down menu.  Clicking on the drop-down menu a user can change the delivery location to any listed.

Display in the REQUEST IT from Offsite web form

Some CLIO locations have a single delivery option.  Avery Library collection off,ave has a single option "Avery Library."  Other CLIO locations have several.  Butler Library general collection off,glx delivers to all regular circulation desks.  See examples below.

Please note that highly restricted CLIO locations will not display via CLIO request or in the Mediated Request mechanism.  These locations are only requestable via the Restricted Access mechanism.  For example, BIBL# has two holdings: off,glx and off,rbx.  Only the off,glx holding will display in the normal request mechanisms.  Items in off,rbx must be request via Restricted Access mechanism.



Only one option displays: Avery Library.



All circulation desks display as valid delivery options.  The default display is Butler Library since it is the owning library for CLIO location off,glx.  Users may select any of the options.

Multiple Holding Exception

The REQUEST IT from Offsite webform was designed with a single-holdings model.  It was not initially anticipated that multiple copies of the same work would be held at ReCAP.  It is current policy that a single circulating copy of a work may be accessioned.  Multiple copies from special collections are permitted. 

All off-site holdings, both general and special collection copies, display on the same REQUEST IT from Offsite webform.  This occasionally triggers request failures because of the delivery options in the drop-down menu or the default delivery location.  These failures are referred to as duplicate holdings failures and are easily resolved by staff.  Please visit link for more information and statistics.

This type of request failure is related to how delivery permissions are controlled by both customer code and CLIO location.


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