Format Definition

Format definition is a concatenation of Type of Record (06) and Bibliographic Level (07) in the MARC Leader field.  It identifies the primary characteristics of a work.

  • A sample view of the Leader field in Voyager.  This item is format am, a standard monograph.
  • The abbreviated Leader field content can be seen to the left.  When a user clicks on the Leader button, the itemized aspects may be adjusted.  The drop down menus can be seen to the right.

For the analysis of ReCAP data sets, format is primarily used to distinguish between monographic and serial works.  The following is a table of formats found in ReCAP collections:

aa Language material (component part)
ac Language material (collection)
ad Language material (subunit)
am Language material (monograph)
as Language material (continuing resource)
bc Arch/Mss Control (collection) [OBSOLETE]
bd Arch/Mss Control (subunit) [OBSOLETE]
cm Notated music (monograph)
dm Manuscript notated music (monograph)
em Cartographic material (monograph)
es Cartographic material (continuing resource)
gm Projected media (monograph)
im Non-musical sound recording (monograph)
jm Music sound recording (monograph)
km 2D nonproj graphic (monograph)
om Kit (monograph)
pc Mixed media (collection)
pm Mixed media (monograph)
tc Manuscript (collection)
tm Manuscript (monograph)
ts Manuscript (continuing resource)


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