Happening Location

Circulation activity is managed using virtual identities.  A virtual identity called the happening location correlates to a physical location.  The happening location is named for the corresponding physical location.  For example, when Music Library staff open Voyager Circulation module, they select "Music Circulation Desk" happening location.

Staff can log into their home happening location from any workstation on campus that has the Voyager Circulation module.  Charges in the Music Circulation Desk happening location may happen at any workstation on campus.

For on campus collections it is assumed that happening location corresponds exactly to physical location.  Off-site collections are a different matter.  Most ReCAP collections are charged using the Butler Circulation Desk happening location.  Music, East Asian and Avery Library owned collections must be charged using the owning library's happening location.  This has to do with how CLIO locations correspond to policy groups.

Reserve desk happening locations are included in the circulation statistics, subsumed under the head of the owning library.

There are currently 29 happening locations in the circulation data sets.  17 of these correspond to a physical desk where patrons may conduct transactions.  Some are obsolete, online, or used internally by staff.

  • Avery Circulation Desk
  • Barnard Circulation Desk
  • Biology Circulation Desk (obsolete)
  • Biosphere Service Desk (obsolete)
  • Borrow Direct Circ Desk
  • Burke Circulation Desk
  • Business Circulation Desk
  • Butler Circulation Desk
  • Butler Reference Desk (obsolete)
  • Butler Reserves Desk (obsolete)
  • Chemistry Circ. Desk (obsolete)
  • East Asian Circ Desk
  • Engineering Circ Desk
  • Geology Circ Desk
  • Geoscience Circ Desk
  • HSL Circulation Desk
  • Journalism Circ Desk
  • Lehman Circulation Desk
  • Math/Science Circ Desk (obsolete)
  • Mathematics Circ Desk
  • Music Circulation Desk
  • OPAC (online only)
  • Physics Circulation Desk (obsolete)
  • Psychology Circ Desk (obsolete)
  • Rare Book Circ Desk (staff only)
  • Science Circulation Desk
  • Social Work Circ. Desk
  • SW Circulation Desk (obsolete)
  • Technical Services Circ D (staff only)