Patron Group

Patron groups include both library patrons and status patrons (pseudopatrons) used by staff. 

Patron group is one of three factors that determine loan period - the other two are CLIO location and Item Type.  CLIO patron records have only one active patron group assigned; other inactive patron groups may be present. 

All groups also have corresponding group "XXX-blocked" for when borrowing privileges are suspended.  Privileges can be suspended for fines in excess of $100, an overdue recall, or it may be manually set.

NB: Each patron is assigned a unique barcode number.  In the past, the barcode number was the person's social security number.  When the University tranistioned to randomized barcodes in 2009 inactive patrons simply had their barcodes deleted, not replaced with a new barcode.

ACO Avery Carrels
AFLN MaRLI No-fines
BCA Barnard Alumni (borrowing at Barnard only)
BDX [obsolete Borrow Direct]
GRD Graduate students in all programs.  In summer 2007, graduate students serving as adjunct faculty were assigned active patron group OFF.
HSA Health Science affiliates (borrowing at Health Sciences Library only)
IND Indefinite: Status patrons/pseudopatrons
MIS Missing
MSO Morningside Only
NUL Null: No patron barcode
OFF Officers: Faculty, administration, select staff
REG Regular: Non-officer staff, undergraduates in all programs. In July 2008, loan periods for this group were extended from four weeks to one term.
UTA Union Theological Seminary (borrowing at Burke Library only)
VIS Visitor: Fee-paying borrowers