Placeholder Record

All CUL ReCAP request forms must populate with a valid Bib Key.  This is because every request submitted to ReCAP must have information in all assigned fields of the data array.  In some cases data is missing from requests.  For example, not all barcodes are listed in CLIO.  To request an item not in CLIO, staff must use the Non-CLIO request mechanism.  Requests via Non-CLIO populate from the same Bib Key; the form draws data from a placeholder record. 

For the first several years of ReCAP, this placeholder record was BIBL# 200444.  It displayed call number "QA76.54 .R43" on shipping manifests and failed request notices.  In October 2009 this was replaced with suppressed record BIBL# 7440755.  The new record displays call number "***n/a***" on manifests.

Barcode CU14734141 is attached to a real, dummy book that has been accessioned at ReCAP.



ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

ReCAP Access Supervisor: Holly Kozlowski

Phone: (212) 851-5621