Courier Drop-off Points

The ReCAP courier delivers to six locations around Columbia University Libraries and four for NYPL.  Each delivery point is a secure location accessible only to authorized staff.  Deliveries are made 2:00-4:15 a.m., Monday to Friday.  Following a holiday weekend, deliveries arrive in the early afternoon. 

CUL off-site collections are delivered in sealed plastic totes or on rolling wooden carts.  Not all locations can receive deliveries on wooden carts.  For more information on ReCAP courier consult transfer schedule website.

The courier must obtain a new ID card every year in the summer.  The new ID card is obtained at the ID Center in 204 Kent Hall.  Courier need not be present.  Updating swipe access is done at the Security Office in 112 Low.

Upcoming non-delivery days are listed on the ReCAP website and announced via postings on the  CUL Notes Google Group.  Past suspensions are recorded in the Non-Delivery Day Log.


Permission to request most special collections is strictly limited to authorized department staff.  For authorization contact the ReCAP Coordinator, and (212) 851-5621.

Delivery points in sequential order:

Sequence and timing of delivery have changed since the opening of ReCAP in 2002.  Enhanced access to delivery points has allowed deliveries to occur earlier in the morning.  Deliveries arriving 1:00-5:00 avoid traffic in heavily congested areas, accruing savings in time and fuel.

Butler Library



  • Entrance to Butler Library Shipping & Receiving on 114th Street
  • Accessible by key to Public Safety and S&R staff only

ReCAP courier parks on 114th street for access to Butler Shipping & Receiving entrance.  All totes bound for department circulation desks are staged in S&R.  S&R staff is responsible for portage to department libraries.  Wooden carts can not be moved across campus.  Most deliveries arrive in stackable plastic totes that are packed and sealed by ReCAP staff. 

If deliveries arrive on wooden carts they must be transferred into blue plastic totes.

Delays at previous NYPL drop-off point can compromise the efficiency of Butler drop-off.  Traffic volume increases after 8:00 a.m.  Parking can be highly problematic closer to 9:00 a.m.



  • Traffic and parked cars are minimal in early morning hours
  • Delivery truck can stop in street and allow traffic to pass
  • Courier unloads all Butler and RBML deliveries


  • Unload area is not designated Loading Zone (yellow paint)
  • If declared official city zone, space may be occupied legally by other contractors on 114th
  • There are many food service deliveries to Carman and John Jay at either end of this block of 114th
  • Columbia's superblock pushes more crosstown traffice to 120th and 114th
  • Difficulty in summer 2009 with traffic police issuing courier tickets for standing, double parking and fire hydrant violations


Only RBML staff may request RH, RS and UA barcoded material; only Oral History staff may request OH barcoded material.  Requests must be submitted via Restricted Access Request.  Deliveries occur Monday-Friday (in past when many collections were stored by Clancy-Cullen, deliveries were only possible Tues-Fri to accommodate Monday deliveries from Brewster).

ReCAP courier parks on 114th street for access to Butler Shipping & Receiving entrance.  Deliveries for RBML are taken via West Elevators to 6th floor.  Courier has swipe access to secure hallway from [6-9]am.  Doors at either end of hallway are accessible only to authorized staff.  Courier does not have key to open door leading to RBML offices.  RBML staff retrieve deliveries via secure interior door.



  • West Elevators near Shipping & Receiving entrance access to Butler 6th floor
  • Drop-off hallway is located at southwest end of hallway
  • It is the last door on the left


  • Outer door access to drop-off point
  • Door is directly opposite 615 Butler, a graduate study room
  • Swipe access for ReCAP courier is limited to [5-8]am window
  • Swipes outside this window will not permit access, trigger an interior alarm and be logged as irregularities
  • Approved RBML staff are only other CUL staff that have swipe access to this entrance
  • Every swipe is logged for security
  • Door may not be propped open
  • Breach alarm will sound if open for 30 seconds (loud)
  • If delivery occurs during regular business hours the courier rings bell to gain access
  • Securiy system does auto-correct for daylight savings time
  • Inner door to RBML interior office is locked
  • ReCAP courier does not have key access to this door
  • Deliveries are stacked for retrieval by RBML staff
  • Floor space is limited, maximum 3 wooden carts or dollies can be accommodated
  • Only approved RBML staff have key access to inner door
  • In the morning door is propped open and alarm temporarily disabled
  • RBML staff member temporarily disables alarm on inner door during business hours
  • Door remains locked from exterior access
  • Inner door remains open during business hours
  • Staff and student workers have access to ReCAP deliveries from RBML office space
  • Door is secured by magnet
  • Hallway drop-off point has limited space
  • RBML staff may opt for alternate secure delivery location for materials requested for processing
  • Chamber measurements: 45" x 144"
  • Plastic totes stacked 5 high on plastic dollies
  • Plywood slats need to cover holes in dollies

Law (Greene Hall)

ReCAP courier has had swipe access to Greene Hall since July 2008.  Previous to swipe access, order of delivery was different and Law was the final stop on courier's itinerary.  Greene Hall doors open automatically at 7:00 a.m.

For many years, Lehman Suite in SIPA was used as a delivery location for Human Right archives.  Courier had swipe access to pass between Greene Hall and SIPA internally.  On December 12, 2011 the drop-off location was changed to a service closet inside Lehman Library.

  • Swipe access to Greene Hall front entrance on 116th Street.
  • Drop off closet door looking down hallway towards front entrance.
  • Secure drop off location for Law Library is closet on First Floor of Greene Hall. Closet is accessible by key.

Former delivery location, Lehman Suite

  • Security door between Greene Hall and SIPA requires swipe access.
  • Door to Lehman Suite accessible by key.
  • Door to Lehman Suite accessible by key.

Lehman Library, Suite 324B

New location was created in November 2011 and went live on December 12, 2011.

Health Sciences

HSL can only receive deliveries in gray plastic totes. Long concrete ramp leading to building entrance precludes easy transfer via wooden cart. New accessions sent directly from HSL are routed to MRP in blue plastic totes for transfer to wooden carts.

  • Front entrance to Hammer Building is open and security desk is staffed by Public Safety 24-7. Doors to Health Sciences Library are unlocked at 7am (library opens at 8am, Mon.-Fri.). Courier brings material up ramp or stairs.
  • Deliveries are dropped off near staff offices behind the circulation desk.

Avery Drawings & Archives

Only Avery D&A staff may request AC and AD barcoded material; only Avery Classics staff may request AV barcoded material.  Retrievals must be filed via Restricted Access Request.  Deliveries occur after staff request.  Pick-ups occur on staff demand, usually a phone call directly to ReCAP courier.

Deliveries to Avery D&A  and Classics arrive separately from those to the Avery Circulation Desk.  Materials are dropped off in a restricted access chamber in the basement of the Schermerhorn Extension.  Avery D&A and Classics staff retrieve items via elevator next to Avery D&A back entrance.  Key access to the drop-off chamber is tightly controlled.

Deliveries to Avery Circulation desk arrive via Butler Library.

  • ReCAP courier parks truck on Amsterdam Avenue near 119th St. entrance. 
  • This gate is refered to as the Grove Entrance.
  • Security guard arrives in kiosk at 5:45am.  
  • Courier telephones Campus Safety for access.
  • Cart or handtruck must be rolled 100 yards to drop off point.
  • Truck is not allowed to drive onto campus property for close proximity drop off.
  • Inside underpass just off Amsterdam Avenue.
  • Courier must take materials across courtyard, used peripherally for trash and parking.
  • Quality of pavement in this area is very poor. Wheels of first Avery D&A delivery cart wore out quickly and had to be replaced. Especially problematic when courier delivers heavy load.
  • Proceeding across courtyard to second underpass.
  • Roll gate visible inside second underpass. Door behind roll gate is accessible at top of ramp.
  • Roll gate is locked every night and must be unlocked for delivery. Guard at 119th St. entrance does not always have key. Access has been problematic and delays are frequently incurred. Secure chamber drop-off point may be seen through roll-gate door. There are two points of entry to chamber. First is door accessible to ReCAP courier and Avery D&A staff; second is elevator accessible to Avery D&A and Classics staff only. [Alternate path to closet is side door and stairs, often left open by facilities staff].
  • Key access to chamber entrance is limited to courier and Avery D&A staff.
  • Second access point to drop-off point is elevator that goes up to Avery D&A entrance. Elevator doors are closed at time of delivery. Elevator is key operated and access limited to Avery D&A and Classics staff.
  • Drop-off point as seen from elevator. Ample space for large deliveries of archival material or metal cart.
  • Detail of key access to elevator.
  • Elevator access adjacent to rear entrance to Avery D&A. Staff retrieves all deliveries via elevator. Stairwell provides alternate access route to drop-off chamber. Key access to rear entrance limited to Avery D&A and Classics staff.


ReCAP User Inquiry Alias:

ReCAP Access Supervisor: Holly Kozlowski

Phone: (212) 851-5621