Butler Media Center (BMC)

General Collections

Butler Media Center (BMC) has transfered collections to ReCAP since July 2007.  Collections include multiple video formats: DVD, VHS, laserdisc and film canisters.  All phases of transfer involve dumb barcodes.  It has one CLIO location assigned for off-site collections:

  • off,bmc : Butler Media Center collections that have limited circulation (Item Type resvideo)

Butler Media Center collections correspond to a single customer code:

  • CV : allow delivery only to Milstein Reserves desk (off,bmc)

On the annual (estimated) ReCAP quotas, BMC is considered a subset of Butler Library's overall quota.

Other Notes

East Asian DVDs

In Spring 2011, East Asian Library began to process incoming DVD acquisitions with CV-prefix barcodes and assigning location/type bmc4off/resvideo.  Previously all were accessioned with CU-prefix barcodes and off,eal/video and off,eax/video.

There had been much concern about security of DVDs.  It was decided to de-accession high-use titles and change the CLIO location of all remaining off-site media.  Since videos are non-circulating to all patrons except Officers, it was necessary to guarantee the delivery location has viewing equipment.   BMC is the only department that has this equipment easily available for extended hours.  The documentation about this change can be found here.

In August 2011, all off-site DVDs owned by East Asian Library were flipped to off,bmc/resvideo, approximately, 1,800 items.  These items now appear in the accession statistics for BMC.  Past requests for these items are counted in East Asian statistics.  Post-flip requests are tallied for BMC.

Movie Place DVDs

Collection consists of approx. 50,000 DVDs purchased and held offsite in bulk (BIBL# 6003123).  Boxes are inventoried alphabetically by title in the CLIO record.  Items will be retrieved, processed and transferred back to ReCAP as new accessions by OSMC staff (CPM-685, section V.).  As of FY10 2,150 are cataloged and available for request.  Project has been halted due to the influx of Kim's Video collection.   Items have call number type MPDVD#####.

Kim's Video

Collection consists of approx. 17,000 DVD titles, 500 DVD box sets and 10,000 VHS tapes.  Donated by the owner to CUL and held offsite in bulk (BIBL# 6878391).  Boxes are inventoried by genre in the CLIO record.  Items will be retrieved, processed and transferred back to ReCAP as new accessions by OSMC staff with priority to the DVDs over VHS (CPM-685, section V.).  Priority over Movie Place processing given because active patron use was stipulation of donation.  As of June, 2010 more than 3,000  DVDs have been  processed.  Items have call number type DVD#####.

Eye on Dance collection

Collection consists of 321 DVDs, all individually cataloged with CV barcodes at ReCAP.  Originally held offsite in bulk (BIBL# 6178871) and processed by MPS staff.

Preservation Project

A preservation project is currently underway to convert non-commercially available VHS tapes to DVD. 

In March 2011 a study was done to measure the relative request rates for VHS and DVD formats.  Results indicated a difference in request rate by format.  It was concluded that VHS tapes are more often requested since the work is not available in another, preferred format.

  • DVD : 7.8%
  • VHS : 12.2%

All VHS collections have been transferred to ReCAP.  Approximately 1,000 VHS titles were retrieved from ReCAP in batches of 50-150 between June 2011 and February 2012.

BMC general collections

  • All VHS tapes are held at or sent to ReCAP, including both items already held and new acquisitions
  • Call number type by format
    • DVD : MPDVD##### and DVD####
    • VHS : VIDEORES#####
  • On campus CLIO locations
    • bmc : general circulating items (Item Type resspec)
    • bmc,res : non-circulating collections (Item Type resvideo)

CLIO Displays

  • off,bmc
    Corresponds to customer code CV.  Deliverable only to Milstein Reserves (Butler Media Center ); non-circulating.


Butler Media Center: ReCAP Summary FY13 : ummarizes main data categories for BMC collections. Includes charts to visualize activity by fiscal year and monthly.

ReCAP Statistics: Butler Media Center, July 2011 : Summarizes main data categories for BMC collections. Includes charts to visualize activity by fiscal year and monthly.


  • Accessions
    BMC-owned collections that have been transfered to the ReCAP facility.
  • Requests
    Total items requested from BMC-owned collections at ReCAP.
  • Deliveries
    Items physically delivered to the BMC locations.  Includes items from all ReCAP collections, not only BMC-owned.
  • EDD
    There have been no EDDs for BMC's collections.

Primary Statistics

  Accessions Requests Deliveries
FY02 0 0 0
FY03 0 0 4
FY04 0 0 7
FY05 0 0 0
FY06 0 0 0
FY07 406
0 3
FY08 1,494 64 63
FY09 2,672 151 152
FY10 5,748 939 1,111
FY11 300 760 1,011
FY12 114 654 1,007
FY13 969 487 694
TOTAL 11,703 3,055 4,052
Request Rate = 4.38%




ReCAP User Inquiry Alias: recap@library.columbia.edu

ReCAP Access Supervisor: Holly Kozlowski

Phone: (212) 851-5621

E-mail: hmk2124@columbia.edu