Quotas are used as informal benchmarks for ReCAP accessions.  Each partner library agrees on an overall number of accessions per year; ReCAP sets staffing levels accordingly.  The overall quota for CUL has varied from year to year. 

CUL's quota is subdivided by department library.  Each department is typically allocated enough quota for collection growth offset and current space needs.  These figures are informal and are subject to change.  Departments may not transfer collections every year.  Conversely, renovation or other space needs may increase department quotas temporarily.

In FY14 the total allocated quota for Columbia is 250,000 items.  A department-level breakdown is not availble for the time being. 

Due to budget constraints resulting from the economic slowdown, construction of the new module was delayed.  It necessitated a significant reduction of CUL's overall quota to 175,000 items from FY11-FY13.  During that time, there was no department-level breakdown of the overall quota. 

Monthly transfers to ReCAP had been limited to 2 truckloads of print material, 1 truckload of non-print material and all new acquisitions via BSP (13,332 items total).  Statistics on monthly totals can be found on the ReCAP statistics website.

See below for quotas from previous fiscal years.  More data is available at CUL's ReCAP Data Center.

Quotas for FY09/10 ReCAP Transfer

Department Quota Volume
Avery 22,000
Burke (UTS) 1,000
Business 15,000
Butler 45,000
East Asian 25,000
Health Science 60,000
Journalism 0
Law 30,000
Lehman 0
Music 5,000
RBML [5,000 boxes]
Sciences (Bio/Phys/Chem/Psych) 50,000
Social Work 7,500
New Acquisitions (xxx4off) 35,000
Total 295,500

Quotas for FY08/09 ReCAP Transfer

Department Quota Volume
Avery 25,000
Burke (UTS) 3,000
Business 25,000
Butler 70,000
East Asian 20,000
Engineering 15,000
Geology 3,000
Health Science 60,000
Journalism 0
Law 15,000
Lehman 10,000
Music 5,000
Sciences (Bio/Phys/Chem/Psych) 40,000
Social Work 0
Archival Boxes (all libraries)
[4 trucks of boxes]
New Acquisitions (xxx4off) 30,000
Total 321,000