Transfers to ReCAP

Upcoming Transfers to ReCAP (subject to change)

4/10 Starr & Avery
4/17 RBML (Butler) & Butler
4/23 HSL @ Brewster

Latest Transfers to ReCAP

Avery & Starr
HSL @ Brewster
Lehman & Business
Avery & Butler
RBML (Law) & Butler

History of Transfers to ReCAP

Transfer & Courier Services

Clancy-Cullen (Transfer of new accessions)

  • Clancy-Cullen is a commercial mover based in the Bronx
  • Clancy-Cullen transfers new accessions from CUL to ReCAP
  • CUL has a contract for large-scale transfers and storage of library material
  • The contract between places a limit on the near-term transfer volume
  • Clancy-Cullen specializes in library relocation
  • Please view their website for further information

Many CUL collections are temporarily stored in Clancy-Cullen's depository warehouse, commonly called Brewster:

Tri-State Depository
2963 Route 22
Patterson NY 12563

Chi Uwadine
Director of Operations

845 230 6512: Office
845 222 0003: Cell
845 878 7105: Fax

Bohren's (ReCAP Courier for deliveries)


  • Bohren's is a commerical mover based in New Jersey
  • Bohren's delivers ReCAP requests from ReCAP to CUL
  • Courier service includes both request delivery and return
  • Please note: CUL has separate contracts with Bohren's and Clancy-Cullen
  • Complete list of courier drop-off points