Contemporary Composers Web Archive

What is the Contemporary Composers Web Archive (CCWA)?

The Contemporary Composers Web Archive is a newly launched initiative by the music librarians at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Yale universities, MIT, and the universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania (collectively known as the Borrow Direct Music Librarians Group) and operates under the auspices of Columbia University Libraries and Information Services.

What is the purpose of the CCWA?

The overarching goal of this project is to preserve copies of present and future manifestations of the websites of notable contemporary composers in a secure digital archive to guarantee the continuing availability of these extremely important but potentially ephemeral documents for researchers and scholars seeking to study the careers of contemporary composers.

Who are the music librarians leading this project?

Sarah Adams, Harvard University      

Bonna Boettcher, Cornell University    

Elizabeth Davis, Columbia University  

Patricia Fisken, Dartmouth College    

Dick Griscom, University of Pennsylvania        

Scott Landvatter, University of Chicago  

Suzanne Lovejoy, Yale University    

Peter Munstedt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology      

Jennifer Ottervik, Johns Hopkins University

Darwin Scott, Princeton University    

Laura Stokes, Brown University

How can I view the websites that have been archived? Will access always be free?

Archived websites will remain freely accessible to the public. Websites can be viewed by date of capture via our Internet Archive CCWA collection page. Additional means of viewing archived websites will be explored by program staff.  

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