Grant projects

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided CUL funding for three grant projects in the area of web archiving:

Web Resources Archiving Collaboration (2013-2015)

Objective: To extend the effectiveness of Columbia‚Äôs web resource collecting program, and of the collective web archiving work within the US, by developing and testing models of collaboration with other research libraries, with other web archiving programs, with web content producers, and with scholars.  press release

Web Resources Collection Program Development (2009-2012)

Objective: To put into production procedures for selecting, acquiring, describing, preserving, and providing access to freely available web content, starting with the subject area of human rights and expanding into other thematic and Columbia-related content. press release

Collection Building for Web Resources (2008-2009)

Objective: A joint project with the University of Maryland Libraries to develop and test coherent, holistic models for incorporating web content into research library collections.  press release