Welcome (1:00-1:15)

  • James Neal
    Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian
    Columbia University

Seven Topical Presentations (1:15-3:00)

  1. Organizational Development
    Maureen Sullivan
  2. Coalition for Networked Information
    Richard West
    Executive Vice Chancellor
    California State University
  3. Global Resources
    Deborah Jakubs
    University Librarian and Vice Provost for Library Affairs
    Duke University
  4. Measuring and Describing Performance
    Fred Heath
    Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
    University of Texas at Austin
  5. Assessment and Best Practices
    Brinley Franklin
    Vice Provost, University Libraries
    University of Connecticut
  6. Development of Research Library Leaders
    Joe Branin
    Director, University Libraries
    Ohio State University
  7. Diversity
    Barbara Dewey
    Dean of Libraries
    University of Tennessee

Break (3:00-3:30)

Eight Topical Presentations (3:30-5:15)

  1. Political Culture for Higher Education
    David Shulenburger
    Vice President, Academic Affairs
  2. Federal Relations and the Research Library
    Winston Tabb
    Dean of University Libraries
    Johns Hopkins University
  3. Copyright and the Research Library
    Jonathan Band
    Library Copyright Alliance
  4. Copyright in Digital Canada: A CARL Perspective
    Mark Haslett
    University Librarian
    University of Waterloo
  5. Scholarly Communication
    Mary Case
    University Librarian
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  6. Partnerships and Collective Advocacy
    John Vaughn
    Executive Vice President
    Association of American Universities
  7. Management of the Professional Association
    Carla Funk
    Executive Director
    Medical Library Association
  8. National and Global Leadership
    Kevin Guthrie

Reception and Testimonials (5:15-7:00)