Learn More About Finding Databases

When you search for a database

  • You search a subset of the electronic resources owned by the Columbia University Libraries
    • more than 1,000 reference titles (e.g., the OED, McGraw-Hill Sci Tech, etc.) and databases (e.g., MedLine, ProQuest, Social Science Citation Index, etc.)
  • Searching for a database does exclude e-journals, e-books and many CD-ROM titles.
  • Databases allow you to search for and access articles, books, dissertations, maps, images, etc.
    • Sometimes the database itself includes the full text of the article, etc.
    • Sometimes it allows you to quickly go to it on line using e-Link
    • Sometimes you will need to consult CLIO, our on-line catalogue
    • If you have questions or can't locate something, Ask a Librarian

Search inside each database in the results list individually to find articles, etc.

Questions? Ask a Librarian