Terms of Use

Authorized Users (CU students, faculty, staff, and outside researchers) can use the Visual History Archive for teaching, learning and research purposes.

USC Shoah Foundation -- The Institute for Visual History and Education owns the intellectual property rights, including copyrights, to its videotaped interviews; this includes the metadata and the software tool of the Visual History Archive.

USC Shoah Foundation information involves privacy interests and is not in the public domain. Unauthorized copying, downloading, recording, or publication of USC Shoah Foundation interviews, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited and may subject an individual or entity to penalties for copyright infringement.

Any use or publication of information from USC Shoah Foundation interviews in excess of "Fair Use" as specified under 17 USC ยง 107 and "Fair Practice" as specified under Article 10 of the Berne Convention, requires the prior written permission from the USC Shoah Foundation. Contact vha@library.columbia.edu for more information.

All users who publish information from USC Shoah Foundation interviews, in whole or in part, under the Fair Use or Fair Practice doctrines, should include the following recommended reference/citation:

  • Interviewee's first name, first initial of interviewee's surname, year of interview, followed by "Interview by USC Shoah Foundation, University of Southern California," city of interview, state or province of interview, country of interview, day and month of interview, tape number(s), and time code, if applicable.