Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is e-Link and how does it work?
    E-link links your search results to a variety of other research options, including:
    • Checking if the full text of the article is available online for immediate access
    • Searching CLIO, the library catalog, to see if the journal or book is in the library
    Just click on the e-Link icon or hyperlink for a menu showing the options available for your article
  2. How do you decide which databases have e-Link?
    If the database allows it, we provide e-Link.
  3. Can I use e-Link off-campus?
    Yes, you can use e-Link from off-campus.
  4. Why does the Choice of Services on the e-Link Menu vary?
    E-link menu provides links to all available services. In cases where there is no full-text, there will be no link to full-text. The choices will vary from citation to citation and database to database.
  5. Why are there multiple links to full text?
    Occasionally, there is more than one way to access an article. For example, the Libraries may get online access to the full-text of an article from the publisher of a journal, but also from a full-text database such as Proquest or Lexis/Nexis. You can choose which version you want to access.
  6. When I click to get the full text, my article isn't there. Why not?
    There are several possible reasons why the article is missing:
    • Sometimes, the article citation appears in a database before the publisher has made the full text available.
    • The publisher or author withheld the full text of this article. Please let us know about any missing articles by using the "Ask A Librarian" service. Then, search CLIO from the e-Link menu to see if the library has the article in print.
    If you need additional help locating an article you are looking for,
    Ask a Librarian for assistance.
  7. If e-Link does not provide a link to full text, does that mean the article is not available online?
    Not necessarily. Several databases that the Columbia Libraries subscribe to are not included in e-Link. If you do not find the full text of an article through e-Link, you should consult
    CLIO,the library catalog, to see if the journal is available online.
  8. Where should I report technical problems with e-Link?
    If you are having trouble with e-Link, please let us know by submitting a
    problem report.
  9. Where can I get further help with my research?
    For additional help with your research, use the
    Ask a Librarian link at the bottom of the e-Link menu. This will take you to a page that provides you with numerous options for obtaining further research assistance.
  10. What is Citation Finder?
    Citation Finder
    helps you look up whether the Libraries have the article you're looking for and helps you order the article from InterLibrary Loan if the Libraries don't have what you need. Please note that you must enter at least the name of the journal and a date (year).