Avery Classics Acquisitions Highlights 2008-2009


Additions to the Robert Biggert Collection of architectural vignettes on commercial stationery (United States of America and U.S. possessions, 1850-1920).

Gift of Robert Biggert in Honor of Lisa Ann Riveaux

Day & Palmer’s Real Estate Circular continued by Stanley Day’s Real Estate Circular (New York, August 1865-Mar 1870, with gaps).

Unrecorded serial that advertises New York City apartments and houses for rent.
Gift of Carol Natarelli

Illustrated Florida (Buffalo, 1882).

19 chromolithographic cards in original case, one of which illustrates the “Mitchell Estate, St. Johns River.”
Gift of Andrew Drabkin & Brian Hughes in Honor of Herbert Mitchell

J.B. Beers & Co., Map showing improved pavements in the City of Brooklyn in 1891 (New York, 1891).

Gift of Preservation Alumni in Memory of Adolf K. Placzek


Johann Gottfried Klinsky, Versuch über die Harmonie der Gebäude zu den Landschaften (Dresden, 1799).

Scarce and beautiful book of neoclassical buildings in landscape settings.

George Hamilton Gordon, Earl of Aberdeen, Introduction to Wilkin’s 1812 edition of Vitruvius (ca. 1810).

Corrected page proofs with manuscript interleaved additions, bound in contemporary blue morocco.

Description de la solitude romantique d’Arlesheim, à une lieue de Bale appartenant à Mr. le Baron d’Andlaw Birseck (Porrentruy, 1813).

Rare contemporary guide book to the most important jardin anglais in Switzerland; in original paper wrappers.

Leo von Klenze, Ueber die Verwaltung des Hofbauwesens (Munich, 1831).

Pamphlet with Klenze’s response to criticism of his design of the Alte Pinakothek. Only two other copies located, both in Munich libraries.

Sir John Soane, Designs for public and private buildings (London, not before 1834).

Unique compilation of this final compendium of Soane’s architectural work. Watch the Avery Library Acquisitions Event video, where this book is discussed as the finale.

J. C. Loudon, The Derbyarboretum: containing a catalogue of the trees and shrubs included in it; a description of the grounds and directions for their management; a copy of the address delivered when it was presented to the town council of Derby; by its founder, Joseph Strutt, esq. (London, 1840).

Specially bound presentation copy inscribed by Strutt.

Gabriel Blaise, photographer, Invasion allemande, 1870-1871: ponts brisés pendant la guerre. Photographies (Tours, 1871).

Enormous oblong volume (26 x 35 in.), published by the Compagnie du Chemin de Fer d’Orléans, with twenty albumen-print illustrations of bridges that were damaged during the Franco-Prussian war. One three-print panorama on a double-page spread measures 50 in. across. The text details repairs required and costs. Watch the Avery Library Acquisitions Event video, where this book is discussed in the middle.

Middlebury College, Middlebury College and its surroundings (Middlebury, 1881).

Photographic view book of the campus and locale.

A. A. Caruana, Recent discoveries at Notabile: a memoir (Malta, 1881); Report on the Phœnician and Roman antiquities in the group of the islands of Malts (Malta, 1882); Discovery of a tomb cave at Ghain Sielem, Gozo, in June 1884: notice (Valletta, 1884); El-Gherien tal-Liebru, Malta, a hypogeum discovered in July, explored and described in 1884 (Valletta, 1884).

Four archaeological publications on the antiquities at Malta, illustrated with original photographs, in presentation bindings and inscribed by the author to the Earl of Morley. Columbia University is the premier holding institution in North America for Maltese imprints.

Frank L. Fisher, A complete list of West Side dwellings, illustrated, compliments of Frank L. Fisher or The beautiful West Side illustrated (New York, 1894).

Referred to by the New York Times when published as “the costliest and most distinctive catalogue of property ever issued in this city.” In its original silver-stamped publisher’s binding with various listings stamped “Sold.”

Fritz Hoeber, Peter Behrens / von Fritz Hoeber, mit zweihundertfunfzig Abbildungen und einem Porträt des Künstlers von Max Liebermann (Munich, 1913).

Inscribed by Peter Behrens on the half title to Ludwig Hoffmann, Berlin’s building administrator, and with the ownership inscription of architect-curator Ludwig Glaeser.

G (Berlin, Germany) Nr.3 (1924:Juni).

Famous issue of the periodical published by Hans Richter, with cover design by Mies van der Rohe. With the ownership inscription of MoMA Mies archive curator Ludwig Glaeser.

N. Popov-Sibiriak, Mezhdunarodnyi zhilishchnyi kongress v Parizhe, 1928 (Moscow, 1928).

Extremely rare printed report on housing and city planning in Russia. The photomechanical illustrations record a related exhibition for the 11th International Housing and Town Planning Congress in Paris. Cover design by noted Constructivist artist Vasilii Elkin.

Bachrach, Home of Charles Burnham Squier, 521 Park Avenue, New York City (New York, between 1920 and 1929).

Album of 12 photographs of Squier’s apartment interior, with 4 loose photographs, most likely of his Paris apartment.

Bedrich Feuerstein. Stage setting – architecture (Tokyo, ca. 1930).

Japanese-language monograph on the architectural stage sets of this Czech architect who spent a substantial portion of his career in Japan.

Takagi Photographic Studio and Art Gallery, The building in Japan (Kobe, 1913).

English-language book with twenty color collotypes showing the construction of a traditional Japanese house, from the selecting of timbers to ceremonies upon completion.

Florence Brobeck and G. Alan Chidsey, They connected adjoining apartments (New York, 1932).

Mockup by book designer Chidsey for a publication illustrating the combined apartments at 333 East 53rd Street of business partners Ralph F. Warren and William Katzenbach, noted interior decorators.

Gerhard Puhlmann, Die Stalinallee: nationales Aufbauprogramm, 1952 (Berlin, 1953?) and Stalinallee stereoscopic transparencies and viewer (Rathenow, 1953?).

The classic photo book on the grand boulevard later renamed Karl-Marx-Allee, with a Row Optik viewer and set of stereoscopic transparencies of the public works project. Watch the Avery Library Acquisitions Event video, where this book is discussed in the middle.

Gare à l’urbanisme (Paris, 1971-1972).

Criticism of modern urbanism by the firm Critique dans la mél´ee, in the spirt of the group Utopie. Volume 2 with sandpaper cover.

Superstudio: storie con figure, 1966-73 (Florence, 1979).

Uncommon publication from the radical Italian architectural firm, issued in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Galleria Vera Biondi in October 1979.

Siah Armajani, Bridge book (Minneapolis, 1991).

Artist’s book of seven woodblock prints of bridges, commissioned by the Walker Art Center.

Takashi Honma, Tokyosuburbia (Kyoto-shi, 1998).

Classic contemporary photo book on Tokyo’s suburbs.