Avery Classics Acquisitions Highlights 2009-2010

Jules Arnout. Paris, vues et monuments. [Paris, 186-?]
AA1045 Ar67 F

Barcelona (Spain). Ayuntamiento. Les construcciones escolars de Barcelona; recull dels estudis, projectes i altres antecedents que existeixen en l'Ajuntament per a la solució d'aquest problema. Barcelona, [1922].
AA6610 C768

Richard Bennett. Battersea Works, 1856-1956. Battersea, London, 1956.
AK6443 B43

A. Chabanier. Petits Édifices communaux, par A. Chabanier. Dourdan (Seine-et-Oise), n.d.
LSI 132151

Chicago and North Western Railway Company. Passenger terminal, Chicago, U.S.A.: Chicago and North Western Railway. Chicago, [1911?].
AA6300 C43

Cox & Sons. Illustrated catalogue of gothic and other artistic furniture, fittings, decorations, upholstry, and metal work. [London], 1872.
AT2875 C83 1872

G. B. Croff. Laurel Glen Mausoleum: a magnificent private family tomb built at Cuttingsville, Vermont. Rutland, Vt., [188-?].
|AA6152 C98 C87 S

Richard Dalton. Antiquities and views in Greece and Egypt: with the manners and customs of the inhabitants from drawings made on the spot, A.D. 1749. [London], 1791.
AA210 D17 FFF

Christopher Dresser. Unity in variety, as deduced from the vegetable kingdom; being an attempt at developing that oneness which is discoverable in the habits, mode of growth, and principle of construction of all plants. London, 1859.
AK1560 D817

Jean Favier. Jean Favier architecte [graphic].  [ca. 1935?].
AA653 F278 F27

G. Feuillet. Desseins de differents lambris tres vtile à tous ouvriers inventé [sic] par G. Feuillet. [Paris, ca. 1660-1680].
AA3050 F43 F

G. Feuillet. Liure de cheminée nouuellement jnuentée par G. Feuillet pour seruir aux maçons et menuisiers. [Paris, ca. 1660-1680].
AA3050 F43 F

G. Feuillet. Liure de cheminée nouuellement jnuentéz [sic] et dessigné par G. Feuillet propre pour les maçons et menuisiers. [Paris, ca. 1660-1680].
AA3050 F43 F

G. Feuillet. Liure de porte cochere et porte d'eglise de la derniere mode, jnuenté et dessiné par G. Feuillet. [Paris, ca. 1660-1680].
AA3050 F43 F

Friends of the Schindler House. Restoration of the R.M. Schindler House: adaptive use of the Kings Road House as a Center for the Study of 20th Century Architecture in Los Angeles. [Los Angeles], 1980.
AA685 Sch34 Sch346

George Godwin. Buildings & monuments, modern and mediaeval: being illustrations of the edifices of the nineteenth century, and of some of the architectural works of the Middle Ages. London, 1850.
AA350 G54 F

Joseph Henry Good. Plans elevations and sections. [1824].
LSI 132113

Karl Götze. Album für Teppichgärtnerei und Gruppenbepflanzung. Erfurt, [1897].
AA9552 G714

William Halfpenny. Rural architecture in the Chinese taste, being designs entirely new for the decoration of gardens, parks, forrests, insides of houses, &c., on sicty copper plates, with full instructions for workmen; also a near estimate of the charge, and hints where proper to be erected. London, [1755].
AA542 H1311

L. C. Heckly. Réalisations: l'immobilière constructions de Paris. Boulogne-sur-Seine, [1934?].
AA1045 H356

Jones & Dillingham (Spokane, Wa.). Interior and exterior color schemes. Spokane, Wa., ca. 1910.AT6050 J713

J. C. Loudon. On the laying out, planting, and managing of cemeteries: and on the improvement of churchyards. London, 1843.
AA9069 L92

Mallory-Wheeler & Co. Door locks, knobs, padlocks, etc., illustrated and described.[New Haven, Connecticut], 1871.
AT3208 M29 1871 FF

Mr. (William) Marshall. A review of The landscape, a didactic poem: also of An essay on the picturesque: together with practical remarks on rural ornament. By the author of "Planting and ornamental gardening; a practical treatise." London, 1795.
AA9552 M353

Hugh McClellan. Architectural scrapbook. Paris, 1899.
LSI 132138

J. L. Mott. Catalog. 1883.
LSI 132135

New York (N.Y.). Board of Commissioners of the Central Park. Eleventh annual report of the Board of Commissioners of the Central Park, for the year ending December 31, 1867. New York,1868.
AA9065 N4 E27

New York (N.Y.). Department of Public Parks. Board of Commissioners. First annual report of the Board of Commissioners of the Department of Public Parks: for the year ending May 1, 1871. New York, 1871.
AA9065 N4 F51

New York (N.Y.). Street Commissioner’s Office. To dock builders. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Street Commissioner, until Monday the 3d day of January 1848, to build an addition to the pier at the foot of Vestry St. N.R. New York, [1847].
AA735 N4 N48994 FFF

Pedro Núñez Granés. Ideas generales sobre la urbanización de los alrededores de las grandes urbes. Madrid, 1909.
AA9000 N92

René Pechère. Petits jardins d'aujourd'hui. Deuxième  série. [Paris, ca. 1950].
AA9561 P445 2eme serie

André Riousse. Petits jardins d'aujourd'hui. Première série. [Paris, ca. 1950].
AA9561 P445 1ere serie

Carl Schröder. Ansichten der im Jahre 1835 unter der Leitung des Baurath Ottmer neuerbauten Herzoglichen Villa bei Braunschweig. Braunschweig, [ca. 1840].
AA1088 Ot8 Sch76 FF

Sebastiano Serlio. Il sesto libro di Sebastiano Serlio Bolognese. In Vinegia, 1600.
AA520 Se64111

Sebastiano Serlio. Il settimo libro di Sebastiano Serlio Bolognese. In Vinegia, 1600.
AA520 Se64111

Bruno Taut. Gedanken nach dem Besuch im Katsura, Kioto, Mai 1934. Tōkyo, 1981.
AA657 T19 T1953

Bruno Taut. Die neue Baukunst in Europa und Amerika. Stuttgart, 1929.
AA650 T193

Egbert L. Viele. First annual report on improvement of the Central Park. New York, 1857.
LSI 132117

Wagar’s Inc. (Troy, N.Y.). Wagar’s, Incorporated [graphic]: a series of photographs showing the plant and equipment of Wagar’s, Incorporated and illustrating processes in the modern manufacture of ice cream. [Troy, N.Y.?, between 1920 and 1940].
AA735 T75 W12

Samuel S. Walker. The architect’s magazine, or, Book of designs: containing the ground-plans and elevations of churches, court houses, dwellings, lodges, villas, seats, cottages, colleges, school-houses, offices, banks and prisons. Philadelphia, 1845.
AA2605 W15 F

Caspar Walter. Architectura hydraulica, oder, Anleitunng zu denen Brünnenkunsten: erster[-zweyter] Theil. Augsburg, 1765.
AA3101 W17 F

Karl Weiss. Festschrift aus Anlass der Vollendung des neuen Rathnauses im Auftrage des Gemeinderathes der Reichshauptund Residenzstat Wien. Wien, 1883.
LSI 132150

William Volker & Co. (Seattle, Wash.). Shade sample book “b”. [Seattle, Wash.?, 192-?].
AT1700 V883 1920

Arthur F. Winslow. Arthur F. Winslow model-maker. [ca. 1934].
AA2790 W73

Der Act / M. Koch, O. Rieth. [Leipzig, 1895].
AA657 R445 Ac81 F

Baltimore, Maryland, "The Monumental City": ten plastichrome reproductions. Baltimore, MD, [195-?].
AA735 B21 B212 S

Descritzione e disegno della facciata eseguita da'RR. PP. Agostiniani alla loro chiesa di S. Spirito a Firenze. In Lucca, 1892.
AA525 F6Sp4 D45

Fabulous Reno: the biggest little city in the world in 11 full color views. Berkeley, Ca., 1950-1959.
AA735 R29 F11 S

L’Habitation pratique: revue mensuelle paraissant le premier samedi de chaque mois. Paris, n.d.
AB H1123 F

Halpoja Kesäasuntoja: aitan piirustuskilpailussa v. 1928 palkitut ja lunastetut ehdotukset. Helsingissä, 1928.
AA675 H363

Kenchiku shashinshū. Daisanshū / Takenaka Kōmuten. Ōsaka-shi, [1935].
AA697 K33

Kenchiku shashinshū. Dai 4-shū / Takenaka Kōmuten. Ōsaka-shi, [1939].
AA697 K333

Lane’s telescopic view of the interior of the Great Industrial Exhibition. [London], 1851.
AA6750 L8 L24

Longfellow’s Wayside Inn: South Sudbury, Massachusetts. [1940-1950].
AA735 Su21 L851 S

Métro: le chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris. Paris, 1931.
AA1045 M567 F

Das Neue Frankfurt. Frankfurt am Main, 1933.
AB N392

New Orleans, a miniature album: ten natural color album prints. New Orleans, La., [195-?].
AA735 N43 N42 S

Peepshow New York World’s Fair 1939. [New York, 1939].
LSI 132142

Poème électronique: Philips Pavilion World Exhibition Brussels 1958. [Netherlands?, 1958].
AA653 J3 P75

Provincetown, Mass.: at the tip of Cape Cod. Provincetown, Mass., [1957-1965].
AA735 P95 P95 S

Salt Lake City, Utah: in full color. Salt Lake City, Utah, [195-?].
AA735 Sa34 Sa343 S

Salt Lake City, Utah: ten natural-color album prints. Salt Lake City, Utah, [195-?].
AA735 Sa34 Sa34 S

San Francisco: 10 album prints in full color. San Francisco, Ca.,  [1950-1959].
AA735 Sa52 Sa5244 S

The situationist times. [1962-1967].
N6490 Si89

Soutěžné návrhy na přestavbu a dostavbu radnice Kr. Hl. Města Prahy: autoři: architekti Jan Vejrych, Kamill Hilbert, Jan Koula, Fr. Blažek, Al. Dlabač, Ant. Balšánek. Praha, 1903.
LSI 132154

Versailles chantiers. Versailles, 1987.
AA9561 V58 F

The work of George and Edward Blum: architects New York City. New York, N.Y., [1925].
AA685 B62 W89