Fines, Fees and Payment of Bills

Fines & Fees

The due date stamped in items currently checked out to you is your notice of when library material must be returned. The Libraries will send a courtesy notice before the item is due suggesting that you return or renew it, however, you are still responsible for any late fees or fines even if you did not receive a courtesy notice.

Please observe the due dates in the items, and note that dates may differ depending on the date the items are checked out. Also observe that items from different libraries may have different due dates. At any time, you may view "My Library Account" from CLIO to see the status of items checked out to you.

The library charges a fine for every calendar day an item is overdue. Overdue fines for reserve material are $1.00 per hour up to a $50.00 per item maximum. Fines for recalled items are $1.00 per day up to $30.00.

We will mail an overdue notice to you when items are 1, 8 and 15 days overdue. Items overdue by more than 30 days are considered lost and you will be charged, in addition to any accrued overdue fine, for its replacement and the processing charges incurred by the library to acquire the replacement. If you return an item for which you have been billed the replacement cost, please see the Circulation Supervisor to adjust the charges on your record associated with the item.

If your library fines and fees exceed $99.00, a hold will be placed against the issuance of your University transcript and diploma. If your fines and fees exceed $99.00, your borrowing privileges will also be suspended. To avoid library fines return or renew material on or before the due date.

CURRENT COLUMBIA FACULTY, STUDENTS, AND STAFF: Replacement fees and/or overdue fines equal to or greater than $100 will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges for all individuals and a stop being placed on a student’s registration record. Suspensions on borrowing privileges and registration blocks only will be removed once the fees and fines have been paid in full.

OTHER BORROWERS INCLUDING INDIVIDUALS WHO PURCHASE BORROWING PRIVILEGES, BORROW THROUGH RECIPROCAL PROGRAMS (Marli, 2CUL), ARE NO LONGER EMPLOYED BY OR AFFILIATED WITH COLUMBIA, AND ALUMNI: Replacement fees and/or overdue fines equal to or greater than $100 may result in your library account being turned over to an external debt collection agency for collection and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Payment of Bills

You may pay library fines by mail to the address on the notice you receive or at any circulation desk on the Morningside campus. Please make all checks payable to Columbia University Libraries. If you wish to pay by Visa or Master Card, do so at the Library Information Office (LIO) in Room 201 Butler. Cash payments are no longer accepted. Your library fines and fees must be paid directly to the Libraries. These amounts are not added to your Student Financial Services account with the University.

To pay for the replacement of lost items do so at the Library Information Office. If a lost item is subsequently found and returned to the library after its replacement cost has been paid, a refund will be issued, however, refunds will only be processed if the replacement fee was paid within twelve months of the date the refund is requested.  

Where you pay your replacement fee depends on what library collection the item came from originally.

Morningside Campus libraries
Geoscience Library
UTS/Burke Library

Processed by: Library Information Office
Address: 201 Butler Library (535 W. 114th St.)
Phone: (212) 854-7309
Forms of payment: Check or credit card

Barnard Library
Processed by: Barnard Library
Address: Lehman Hall (3009 Broadway)
Phone: (212) 854-3846
Forms of payment: Check or cash

Health Sciences Library
Processed by:  Health Sciences Library
Address: Hammer Health Sciences Building (701 W. 168th St.)
Phone: (212) 305-3605
Forms of payment: Check, cash, or credit card

Law School Library
Processed by: Arthur W. Diamond Law Library
Address: Jerome L. Greene Hall (435 W. 116th St.)
Phone: (212) 854-3922
Forms of payment: Check, cash, or credit card

Teachers College Library
Processed by: Gottesman Libraries (Teachers College)
Address: 525 West 120th St.
Phone: (212) 678-3494
Forms of payment: Check, cash, or credit card