Directions to Butler Reference

The Reference Desk is located in room 307 of Butler Library. The print reference collection is located in Butler 301, Butler 310, Butler 303A (Dictionaries in first 3 alcoves) and in Butler 209 (Atlas Case).   

Entering Butler Library

Book Cart in Butler Library

From Broadway: Enter through College Walk gate at West 116th St. and Broadway. From the center of campus, Butler Library is on your right (notice the 30-foot windows and inscriptions of great scholars).

From Amsterdam Avenue: Enter through the 116th St. gate to College Walk. Butler is on your left.

From West 114th St: Enter through one of two gates behind Butler on West 114th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. The main entrance at the front of the building is usually the only entrance open.

Inside Butler Library

Inside, take the main staircase directly before you and walk one flight up to the 3rd floor. (Elevators are available on the east and west sides of the building.)

The main reference reading room is across from the Circulation Desk at the front of the building.

Call number guides to the Reference Collection are posted in glass cases in 301 and in 310. Please ask at the Reference Desk in Butler 307 from 1-4pm, Monday to Friday, or at the Circulation Desk if you cannot find the material you need.