Butler Media Collections & Usage Policies


Butler Media circulating and non-circulating research film collections support Columbia University instruction and research.

All titles in the collection are cataloged in CLIO, the Libraries' online catalog.

Request and pick up films at the Butler Circulation & Reserves desk on the 3rd floor.

Viewing Stations

Viewing stations are located in Butler 401 (the Periodicals & Microform Reading Room) and support the playback of multiple visual and audio formats. Equipment includes multi-standard VCRs, multi-standard and multi-code DVD players, audiocassette players, and a laserdisc/DVD/CD player. Two viewing stations are equipped with Blu-ray players.

Priority is given to patrons viewing course-related films.

Butler Media circulating collection

Collection consists of popular feature films and documentaries on DVD format.

Circulate to current faculty, students, and staff with valid borrowing privilieges (Columbia University, Barnard College, Teacher's College, and Union Theological Seminary).

CLIO Location:  Butler Media, Circulating (208 Butler Library)

Butler Media research collection

Collection consists of U.S. and foreign feature films, early cinema, avant-garde cinema, video art, and a wide range of documentary film content on DVD, VHS, and LaserDisc formats.

In-library use only for students and staff.

May be placed on course reserve by faculty/instructors or borrowed for class screenings.

DVDs are located in Butler Media Services behind the Reserves Desk, 208 Butler Library. VHS tapes, LaserDiscs, and 16mm films are located in our offsite storage facility in Princeton, New Jersey. Use the "Request from Offsite" link located on the film's CLIO record to request a title on VHS, LaserDisc, or 16mm format.

CLIO Locations:

  • Butler Media, Res (208 Butler Library)
  • Offsite <Butler Media Reserves> (Non-circulating)

Loan Policies

Butler Media Collection Columbia Affiliate Status
Loan Period
Conditions of Loan
Circulating Students & Staff 3 days 2-title limit. No renewals, recalls or holds.
Circulating Faculty & Officers 7 days 2-title limit. No renewals, recalls or holds.
Circulating Alumni & Visitors N/A In-library use only
Research Students, Officers, Staff, Alumni & Visitors N/A
In-library use only
Research Faculty & Instructors 7 days Circulation by arrangement for class screenings.  Submit screening requests at least one week in advance to:
No renewals, no recalls, no holds.

Fines are $7/day, up to a maximum of $50.00.  If an item is not returned and the library considers it lost, replacement (varies by collection) and processing ($30.00) fees will be added to the fines.

Requests for Purchase

Suggestions for purchase will be accepted for the non-circulating Research collection only. Please contact Nancy E. Friedland, Librarian for Butler Media, Film Studies & Performing Arts, 206 Butler Library, (212) 854-7402.


Hand DVD, videorecording, or LaserDisc to a library attendant at the Butler Reserves desk.

Returns are not accepted at the Butler Circulation desk or at other Columbia libraries.

Do not use book returns inside or outside the library as the item could be damaged.

Patrons are liable for damage to the item until it is returned.


Report the loss of an item immediately to prevent a fine or, if the item is already overdue, to stop the fine from growing larger. You will be billed for the replacement cost and the associated library processing fees.


U.S. Copyright Law applies.