Online Syllabi of Potential Interest

  • Interpretation of Papyri
    Traianos Gagos and Arthur Verhoogt, University of Michigan (Fall 2001).
  • The Book
    Professor John Bodel, Department of Classics, Rutgers University (Spring 1999).
  • The Book and its Forms
    Dr. Paul Szarmach, Medieval Institute, and Dr. Thomas Amos, Rare Book Room, Western Michigan University [term not indicated].
  • Survey of Ancient Egypt
    Dr. Paul A. Piccione, College of Charleston (Spring 2000).
  • Greek Classical Archaeology: City-States and Panhellenic Sanctuaries
    Professor Jeremy Rutter, Dartmouth College (Spring 2001).
  • Introduction à l'épigraphie latine
    J.-J. Aubert, Université de Neuchâtel (Summer 1999).
  • Transformations of Language
    Professor James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania (Spring 1991).
  • Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
    Includes a sample field examination bibliography.