High Performance Computing - Getting Started

Getting Started with Linux


Command Cheat Sheet - A list of commonly used shell commands

Linuxcommand.org - Tutorial site for learning the command line, based on the book The Linux Command Line by William Shotts

Codecademy.com - Command line basics course for manipulating data and automating tasks.

How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know, by Brian Ward - An in-depth exploration of the inner workings of Linux which also contains several useful chapters for the beginner

Linux E-books in CLIO - Hundreds of books for all levels of users

Linux Print books in CLIO - For those who prefer a paper book in front of them (but be aware of publishing dates)



Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, by Mendel Cooper - Online textbook covering all the basics of scripting as well as advanced techniques

Scripting E-books in CLIO - For further explorations into the world of scripting

Up and Running with Bash Scripting - A LinkedIn Learning video tutorial on scripting


Additional Resources

Linux-related tutorials on LinkedIn Learning  

SSH clients for Windows users

Parallel Computing E-books in CLIO


Getting Started with HPC at Columbia

Please visit the HPC service page for details on how to obtain access to the clusters, and visit the pages below for cluster documentation:

Yeti HPC Cluster Documentation

Hotfoot HPC Cluster Documentation



Additional Resources at Columbia University

The Application Development Initiative - a student-led organization dedicated to providing technological training and development opportunities to Columbia affiliates.

The Columbia Data Science Society - a student-led organization dedicated to the study of data science and its applications in new and exciting ways.






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