About the Digital Science Center

DSC Overview

The Digital Science Center in the Science & Engineering Library fulfills the vision of Columbia Libraries to consolidate and redefine library spaces for the 21st century. Working with the University Science departments, the Libraries have defined a set of services to meet the research and teaching needs of University science programs, serving Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics, Geology, Geosciences, Psychology, and Engineering. The Digital Science Center incorporates state-of-the-art technology, high-end software and research data sets for scientific analysis and visualization, and professional, discipline-specific consulting and support.

Digital Science Center Resources


50+ Advanced Workstations

These workstations deliver high-end computing power, high-resolution displays, advanced peripherals, and scientific and course-related software located in individual and collaborative carrels. These systems provide professional workstation performance and high-end graphics capable of supporting analysis and visualization on either dual 24” or single 30” LCD displays. A suite of software packages covering mathematical analysis, statistics, graphics design, spatial data/GIS, bibliographic, chemical structure visualization, and audio/video editing meets a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate needs.


12 Group Study Spaces

There is a strong need for students to work collaboratively around shared technologies. To accommodate this need, the DSC provides 12 group study spaces, for 4 to 6 people, with a 24” LCD display, electrical power and networking.


2 Presentation Practice Rooms

The DSC also provides 2 enclosed rooms, each with a large 52” LCD wall display, flexible furniture, electrical power and networking. These collaboration spaces will allow 8 to 10 people to share their presentations, and work collaboratively on in-depth assignments, as well as support conference calls and meetings with peers around the world.

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Students rely on a wide variety of advanced peripherals to support input, analysis and production of instructional and research materials. The DSC includes printers, scanners, and data input devices tailored to the support of science-related applications.


Staff Consultation Spaces

A critical component of the DSC is the presence of science librarians and technologists who work directly with students to address their research and learning needs. All consultation spaces are equipped with similar DSC workstation technology to provide individual and group training and support.