The Digital Science Center is generally open and accessible during normal Science & Engineering Library hours.

Please follow the policies detailed below when using the Digital Science Center.

General Library Policies

  • Food and drinks (except drinks in sealed containers) are not allowed in the library.
  • If working in groups, please respect your neighbors and keep conversations quiet.
  • Notice: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material; the person using this equipment is liable for any infringement. For more information about copyright law, the rights of copyright owners, and the right of fair use to make limited copies for teaching, research, and study at Columbia University, visit the website of the Copyright Advisory Office.

Workstation Policies

  • IMPORTANT: Your files are NOT saved between sessions. Make sure to save your work onto an external device, if needed!
  • Use of workstations is first-come, first-serve. No reservations are available. If you encounter problems with long wait times, please contact library staff.
  • Headphones are required when listening to audio content.

Presentation Practice Room Policies

To use the Presentation Practice Rooms:

1. Make a reservation online.

  • Reservations may be made up to one week in advance and can be made in 30 min to 2 hour blocks.
  • Availability of the rooms will begin 30 minutes after the library opens, and will end 30 minutes before the circulation desk closes (see our hours page for details).
  • Walk-in use is allowed if the rooms are not reserved - ask at the service desk

2. Pick up the key at the circulation desk.

  • Like other library material, the key is checked out on your library account.  If your library account is blocked you will not be able to check out a room.
  • Be prompt - reservations will be forfeited if the key has not been picked up within 15 minutes of the start time.  At least 2 people from your group must be present to pick up the key.

3. When you first enter the room check that it is clean and immediately report any problems with the room or equipment.

  • Staff can assist you with the use of the equipment. Ask for help at the circulation desk. You can also find basic instructions here.
  • When you are finished, leave the room clean and locked and return the key to the circulation desk.


  • These rooms are to be used for practicing class presentations and for group study (not TA office hours or regular classes).  These rooms are not for single person use.
  • The Science & Engineering Library‚Äôs food and drink policies apply: no food, drinks in spill-proof containers only.
  • The group is financially responsible for any damages resulting from abuse or neglect.