Scanning Instructions

1. To begin scanning, click on the ScandAll Pro icon on the desktop:

ScandAll Pro ScandAll Pro

2. When ScandAll opens, click ‘Scan > Scan’ in the top menu bar.


3. In the next dialogue window, select your ‘Scan Type’. The most popular options are:

  • ADF [Auto Document Feeder] – Front Side
  • ADF [Auto Document Feeder] – Duplex [Double Sided]
  • Flat Bed


4. Change the Image Mode from ‘Black & White’ to ‘Greyscale’ or ‘256 Color’.

5. Change the Page Size according to your page size.

6. Click ‘Preview’ to view how your scanned page will look.

7. Modify your image using the ‘Brightness’, ‘Threshold’ and Contrast’ sliders.

Note: if you are concerned about a large file size, you can lower the 'Resolution' from 300 x 300.

8. Click ‘Scan’. [If applicable] Set next page onto scanner, click ‘Scan’.

9. When finished, click ‘Close’ – ScandAll will perform Optical Character Recognition [OCR].

10. Click ‘File > Save As’ and choose a format for your document. The most popular options are:

  • PDF File (*.pdf)
  • Tagged Image File Format (*.tif)

11. Change the filename by unchecking ‘Use the Name Rule’ and give your document a name.

12. The default location for your document is in the C:\Users\YOUR_UNI\Documents folder.

13. Modify or edit your scanned document using Adobe Acrobat Pro (*.pdf) or Photoshop (*.tif)

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DSC Scanner

8 Fujitsu fi-6230 Scanners

The Fujitsu fi-6230 scanners feature fast, 40ppm/80ipm scanning in monochrome and grayscale, 300 dpi color scanning at 30ppm/60ipm, duplex scanning, advanced paper handling for feeding reliability, and a 50-page automatic document feeder with hard embossed card scanning.

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