Downloadable Scientific Research and Teaching Software

Columbia University Libraries have licensed downloadable software for scientific research and teaching:

ChemDraw ChemBioDraw is a chemical and biological drawing suite containing advanced prediction tools and full Web integration. Features include proton NMR with peak splitting and highlighting, amino acid and DNA sequence tools, TLC plate drawing tool, Struct=Name, ISIS/Draw mode and stoichiometric analysis.
Crystalmaker Software used for research and teaching in chemistry, solid-state physics, materials science, mineralogy and crystallography. Crystalmaker is a program for building, displaying, manipulating and animating all kinds of crystal & molecular structures. Featuring stunning, real-time graphics and powerful yet accessible tools.  Now available for Windows and Mac!
NVivo NVivo is software that helps you to work with unstructured information like documents, surveys, audio, video and pictures - so that you can ultimately make better decisions.
Schrodinger & Pymol Schrodinger suite of molecular modeling software:  This download gives you access to the Small Molecule Drug Discovery suite, the Biologics suite, and the Materials Science suite. A separate download for the molecular visualization program PyMol is also available. 

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