Digital Science Center Software List

The Digital Science Center provides a wide range of software to support research and coursework in several science and engineering disciplines.  All of the software below is available for use on the computers located in the Science & Engineering Library

Each link below will take you to the CLIO results for that application, which will also indicate other library locations where the software is available.  CUIT also has computer labs available to students, please visit their page for more information.


Click here to view our licensed applications that are available for personal download.


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For creating, editing, and compiling files/scripts/applications in HTML, CSS, Python, R, and other languages:



For calculating, processing, analyzing data in a variety of formats and outputs:


Media and Design

For creating and editing images, videos, audio files, and 3D objects and scenes:


For getting things done:


Available for personal download

These applications are available for personal download specifically due to the Libraries' site licenses:

Looking for something else?

In addition to the software available in the Digital Science Center, several other sites on campus have workstations to support research and coursework: