East Asian Archives

Below are listings of archival collections belonging to Starr Library.  Brief descriptions are listed where available.  Some of these archives are fully processed, and have records in the online catalog as well as online finding aids; a few even have dedicated webpages associated to them.  Some are partially processed, and may have catalog records and/or webpages, but no finished finding aids yet.  Many others are as yet unprocessed.  As the Starr Library does not have a permanent archivist, processing of these materials will be slow.  The list below will be updated as progress is made.

Like all other rare and special materials, archival collections can only be used in the Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room.  For more detailed access information, see our Guidelines for the use of the rare books, special collections, and archives.


Fully processed archives; available for use

To use these archives, click on the title to link to the finding aid; consult the finding aid to determine which archival boxes you are interested in, then contact the library to request those boxes.

  • Abe Kōbō Collection, 1933-2002
    Original books, pamphlets, journals, magazines, manuscripts, and ephemera produced, published and collected by Abe Kōbō. Also includes photocopied newspaper, magazine, and journal articles as well as book excerpts from Abe Kōbō's study.
  • The Barbara Curtis Adachi Bunraku Collection, 1964-2003
    This collection contains slides, photographs with corresponding contact sheets and negatives, audio and video materials, performance-related printed materials, realia objects and personal papers. Visual, audio, video and printed materials, and realia objects are described at the item level with play titles, production dates, and performer names and other descriptors, if applicable. Personal papers are described at the folder level. 178 plays, 290 productions, and 183 performers of the National Bunraku Troupe are cited in this collection. Visual and printed materials for fifteen Living National Treasures of Japan in Bunraku are also included in this collection.(partially stored offsite)
  • The Barbara Curtis Adachi Hands of Japan Collection, 1942-2003
    This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, notes, slides, audio and video cassettes, negatives, transparencies, articles, books, ephemera, postcards and realia objects. Materials created and collected for the Hands of Japan series (1971-1981) and The Living Treasures of Japan (1973) include recorded interviews on audio tapes, slides, photographs, negatives, notes and printed materials. (partially stored offsite)
  • Letters to Donald Keene from Japanese Literary Figures, 1952-2004
    This collection contains letters, postcards, manuscripts, published papers, photographs, and other ephemera from Japanese literary authors, critics, artists, and architects such as Abe Kōbo, Kawabata Yasunari, Mishima Yukio, Ōe Kenzaburō, Tanizaki Jun'ichirō. These materials were sent to, or otherwise acquired by, Professor Donald Keene between 1952 and 2004.
  • Collection on Lama Govinda, 1945-1993
    A collection of biographical materials, correspondence, articles and book publications, photos and interviews related to the founder of the order of the Arya Maitreya Mandala. (Finding Aid in Repository)
  • Lhasa Neighborhood Committee Number Three records, 1953-1974  A collection of papers constituting primary resources for the study of the Democratic Reforms campaign (Tib. Dmangs gtso bcos ʼgyur ; Ch. Min zhu gai ge), as implemented in Tibet.
  • Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film This collection focuses on print materials mostly related to Japanese film that were collected over the course of fifty years by former documentary filmmaker and film researcher, Makino Mamoru.  A dedicated website is also available for this collection, as is an archive of the blog that was maintained while the collection was being processed.
  • The Tharchin Collection, 1901-1975
    Assorted papers of Gegen Dorje Tharchin (1890-1976), founding editor of the Tibet Mirror Press in Kalimpong, India, including subscription lists, financial accounts, correspondence, photos of family and prominent figures, draft publications, etc. A dedicated website is also available for this collection.


Partially processed; talk to a librarian

To find out whether you can use these archives, please consult the appropriate area specialist for assistance.


Unprocessed; not yet available for use

Archives listed below are generally not yet accessible.  As processing proceeds these listings will be moved to the categories above.

  • The Barbara Curtis Adachi Archive (Japan related) (Related to the Donald Keene Archive)
  • Winifred Armstrong Papers (Korea related)
  • Theos Bernard Archive (Tibet related)
  • Britton/Chalfant Collection (China related; partially processed)
  • China Institute Archive (China related)
  • Wen-Chung Chou Papers (China related)
  • Myron Cohen Formosa/Taiwan Land/Field Data & Records (China related)
  • Cultural Revolution Collection (China related)
  • Day Papers (Japan related)
  • Ephemera Collection on Chinese Science, Technology, Law, and Society (China related)
  • Fried Archive (China related; partially processed)
  • L. Carrington Goodrich Collection (China related)
  • Ann Goodrich Papers (China related; related to the L. Carington Goodrich Archive)
  • Gragert Collection (Korea related)
  • Jahyun Kim Haboush Collection (Korea related)
  • Miwa Kai Papers (Japan related)
  • Donald Keene Papers (Japan related)
  • Patricia Koo and Kiachi Tsien Papers (China related)
  • Ping-wen Kuo Archive (China related)
  • Meg McLagan Papers (Tibet related)
  • Ivan Morris material (Japan related; related to Ivan I. Morris papers, 1931-1976, which are held in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library)
  • Sansom Collection (Japan related; related to the George Bailey Sansom papers, [ca. 1934]-1941, which are held in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library)
  • Tsuyee Pei Papers (China related)
  • Karen Smyers Papers (Japan related)
  • The C.V. Starr East Asian Library Archive
  • Tibet in the Diaspora Collection (Tibet related)
  • Tibetan Material History Collection (Tibet related)
  • Tibetan Textbooks Collection (Tibet related)
  • TIN Archive
    Records from the London headquarters office of the news and research service founded by Robert Barnett and Nick Howen in 1988, including administrative files, TIN publications, and research files on social and poitical conditions in Tibetan regions of the People's Republic of China, primarily from 1989-2001. (Tibet related; processing incomplete)
  • Te-Kong Tong Papers (China related)
  • Ryūsaku Tsunoda Archive (Japan related)
  • Robert Walker Archive (Japan related; partially processed)
  • Wango Weng Film Archive (China related)
  • Zhang Yu Fengzhi Archive / Lance Chang Collection (China related; related to, but not part of the Peter H.L. and Edith Chang Papers, 1930s-2001