About Columbia University Libraries' Jewish Studies Internet Resources

Columbia University's collection of Jewish Studies Internet Resources is an on-going compilation of electronic bibliographic resources and research materials on Jewish Studies (in the broadest sense) available on the global Internet. These electronic resources are organized primarily by subject. All materials are arranged to encourage an awareness of authorship, type of information, and subject. The scope of the collection is research-oriented, but it also provides access to other websites with different or broader missions.

Among the many selected resources on these pages are:

  • Online catalogs of the world's top libraries with large Jewish Studies collections
  • Bibliographies from Columbia University Libraries and other research institutions around the world
  • Electronic journals and news archives that specialize in Jewish Studies
  • Extensive information on Israel and Jewish Studies
  • Information on major Jewish organizations and activities
  • Links to other Jewish Studies websites

This website collection is currently undergoing major construction. Please feel free to contact the Jewish Studies Librarian with any suggestions and questions regarding the content on these pages.