Maps & Geography of South Asia

  • DSAL: Digital South Asia Library - Online Map Collections
    A growing collection of historical maps of South Asia, currently including all the maps from the Imperial Gazetteer of India (1908-1931).
  • India and Pakistan 1:250,000
    US Army Map Service maps, 1955-. Super detailed maps, with useful zoomable interface. (Works best with FireFox browser). Presented as part of the University of Texas Perry CastaƱeda Library Map Collection.
  • South Asian Map Links
    A selective, structured portal to all sorts of online maps of the Subcontinent, by Fran Pritchett
    A wide variety of static and interactive maps, datasets, and general location-oriented information about India. Substantial advertising matter, and some of the functionality depends upon the user registering at the site. Some of the maps are very nicely organized, though quite a few (e.g. the language maps) are quite superficial and not terribly informative.