Topographic Maps

United States

Current USGS topographic maps are available at scales of 1:24,000, 1:100,000, 1:250,000; and 1:63,360 and 1:250,000 for Alaska.

States are filed in alphabetical order, index sheets can be found in the first drawer of each state to help the user locate the desired area.

Some older USGS topographic maps are kept for the tri-state area and depending on their age are either shelved with the current USGS topographic maps or within the general collection:

AMS topographic maps for the United States (most are at the scale of 1:25,000 & 1:50,000) are also available and are located with the other AMS maps.

New York

Various USGS topographic maps specific for New York State can be downloaded from the following sites:


Columbia Univerisity stopped being a Canadian depository for maps in the early 1990's, but complete sets are available for Canadian Topographic System maps at 1:50,000, 1:250,000, and 1:500,000.

Other Parts of the World

The Army Map Service (AMS) began a cartographic survey of the world immediately following World War II. The collection at Columbia includes a large proportion of the China, Japan, and Korea map series as well as other areas of the world and the United States. The collection is located in the AMS drawers in the Map Room.

An online index for the AMS collection is available from UC Berkeley.