Equipment List

The Digital Music Lab offers 5 Mac workstations, digital keyboards, and a suite of specialized hardware and software. Below is a detailed listing of what is available. Please contact us with any suggestions or problems. You can reach us by e-mail at


  • 5 Mac workstations
  • MIDI interface (request at circulation desk; in-library use only)
  • Zoom H4N portable digital audio recorder, w/ built-in stereo mics
  • 2 Yamaha Arius YDP181 digital pianos, with weighted keyboard and MIDI connectivity
  • Workstation for working with phonorecordings, cassettes, and DAT format transfers (in Seminar Room, which may be reserved)
  • 2 requestable external CD/DVD drives (request at circulation desk; in-library use only)
  • 2 scanners, supporting 11" x 17" scanning and printing
  • Support at 2 PawPrint printers for user-fed custom paper sizes, for music parts printing, etc.
  • Headphones available at circulation desk (incl. adapters for listening together)


  • Ableton Live (performance-oriented composition)
  • Amadeus Pro 1.5 (full-featured 2-ch audio editor)
  • Audacity (free basic 2-channel audio editor)
  • AudioSculpt and OpenMusic (IRCAM)
  • Finale 2016 (music notation)
  • GarageBand (simple multi-track sequencer)
  • iTunes (audio file management; CD burning)
  • Logic Pro X (multi-track audio and MIDI sequencer)
  • Max/MSP (audio and MIDI programming environment)
  • Max4Live (application which links Max/MSP and Live)
  • PhotoScore Ultimate (music scanning and OCR, with Sibelius)
  • Sibelius 8 (music notation and scanning)
  • Sibmei plugin (Sibelius to Music Encoding Intiative MEI format)
  • Soundflower (free inter-application audio routing utility)
  • Fission (non-destructive MP3 editor)
  • Audio Hijack (flexible inter-application audio routing utility)
  • SPEAR (sound analysis and resynthesis)
  • Transcribe (audio editing, transcription, and annotation)

Coming soon...

  • Higher-quality audio interface for digitization and audio monitoring
  • Suggestions? Send email to