Music Technology Workshops - Spring 2020

The Music & Arts Library is pleased to again offer a series of workshops on music technology topics. Register below for any desired sessions.

The workshops will be led by Rosana Cabán, MFA Sound Art graduate student, sound artist, audio engineer, and producer.

All sessions (unless otherwise noted) are held in the Seminar Room of the Music & Arts Library, 701 Dodge.

We strongly recommend bringing your laptop to the workshops.

Email with any questions.


Workshops Schedule (ONLINE VIA ZOOM from 4/6 forward)

Mon 2/24   12:30-1:30   Audio Recording

Workshop on basic audio recording techniques. Register here.

Mon 3/2   12:30-1:30   Intro to Max/MSP

An introduction to Max/MSP, a software that allows you to build interactive "patches", using audio, samples, synthesis, MIDI, and more. More info available at Register here.

CANCELED (CLOSURE): Thu 3/26   7-8:30   Audio Mixing Lab

Tips and techniques on mixing audio. 

CANCELED (CLOSURE): Thu 4/2   7-8:30   Advanced Mixing

More tips and techniques creating audio mixes. (attendance at previous mixing workshop is not required). 

>>> ONLINE:   Mon 4/6   12:30-1:30   Vocal EQ and Podcast Mixing

Tips and techniques for recording and mixing audio, focused on vocal EQ and podcasts. Register here.

>>> ONLINE:   Mon 4/13   12:30-1:30   Pro Tools Workshop

Tips & techniques on recording and mixing using Pro Tools (AVID).  Register here.

>>> ONLINE:   Fri 4/24   3-4:30   Guerrilla Recording - Setting up a home studio

Strategies & tips for setting up a home studio environment. Register here.

>>> ONLINE:   Mon 4/27   1-2   Mixing Lab

The ins and outs of audio mixing techniques. Register here.