Reserve Request Guidelines

Ways to request materials for Music Course Reserves

  • Submit a course reserves request online;
  • Download the paper reserve forms for submission;
  • Pick up a reserves request form at the circulation desk in 701 Dodge;
  • E-mail with your request, as long as you include all of the information requested on the standard form.

Please be sure to fill out the forms completely to avoid delays in processing your requests. See the general Music Reserves Guidelines for further information on policies.

IMPORTANT: Allow 2 weeks to process initial reserve request lists, and allow 3 business days to process additional mid-semester requests.
This applies to all reserve materials, including photocopies, audio-visual materials, and personal copies. For emergency rush requests, contact and we will try to accommodate your request as far as possible.

When will my requested items be available?

When the requested materials are available to your students, they will be listed on your Music Course Reserves List on CLIO (under the "Course Reserves" tab). Allow at least a 2 week turnaround time for initial semester reserve request lists, and 3 business days for supplemental requests. If you have further questions, please contact

What about audio and other media?

Some Reserves-related audio content is currently available at the Online Music Reserves page, to which you may refer your students or link to from your Courseworks pages. If you have questions about presenting audio or other media content through the Music & Arts Library web pages, please contact

Music Course Reserves staff contacts

Emily Lavins is the primary contact in the Music & Arts Library for Reserves-related questions. You can reach her directly by email at, or by phone at 854-8523. However, we recommend that you send reserve-related questions to, because that address is monitored by all Music & Arts Library staff and may help expedite your request if any particular staff person is out of the office.

Music Course Reserves Guidelines in detail

  • Please limit your Reserve lists to 25 items in total.
  • Allow for processing time of 2 weeks for initial semester requests, and 3 business days for supplemental mid-semester requests, before  materials will be available to your students.
  • Reserve lists from previous semesters may be reactivated upon request, if available. No course reserve materials (including personal copies) carry over automatically; please submit a new reserves request for each semester.
  • Photocopies/Scans: The library does not make photocopies or scans for Reserves. You can, however, put such materials up on Courseworks/Canvas. Please supply any desired paper copies of articles, if needed to be placed on reserve with a completed reserve request form. Please make sure to indicate the relevant author and article title which your students will be using to search for the article.
  • Non-circulating journals or scores located in the Music & Arts Library are not pulled from the shelves for Reserves. We will link to electronic versions of any articles or scores which are available through the Libraries (or via unrestricted access).
  • Permanent Course Reserves: materials so designated may circulate only in the library. For faculty, exceptions can be made for use in class on a case-by-case basis by arrangment with the full-time staff of the library.
  • Materials from offsite or from other campus libraries will be retrieved whenever possible, upon request, and placed on Reserve in the library. Any materials which are non-circulating will be kept on Reserve in the library until the end of the semester, when they will be returned. Items from other institutions may not be placed on Reserve.
  • Personal copies will be placed on Reserve by request. Processing turnaround time for these items is the same as for any reserve items (see above). Our default policy with these items is to restrict them to in-library use only, however, we will allow items to be taken out if you specify this. Please be aware that personal copies will necessarily be barcoded and marked with Reserve labels. Alert the full-time staff if you have items requiring special handling. All personal copies will be returned to staff mailboxes at the end of the semester if not picked up in person in the library.
  • Copyright: If you need information on copyright for reserves use and in general, see the Libraries' Copyright Advisory Office home page, at: